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Who played the fox Alice in Pinocchio


Red, cunning, dangerous, attractive beautiful- such a Fox entered into the life of many generations of children in the first days of the New Year holidays of 1976 and forever remained for them the personification of fox nature, habits and character.

Simply the reference Fox!

On the streets of a big fun, colorful, noisyCity little boy with a school smile from ear to ear meets magic - the theater! And in it are the same as he, boys and girls are playing on stage ... Yes-yes! On a real stage, they sing and play, they are looked at, and applauded. But getting into this magic is not easy. The entrance is expensive, which means that for those with the pockets of the new jacket empty, it is closed. But this boy from the first moment of his birth does not seek easy ways. This tomboy is one of those lucky ones who are looking for trouble. Rather, they are happy to find it, turning into a beautiful, red, funny and tricky lady Lisa, and not just one, but with a "suitcase without a handle" - a terrible, spiteful, dull and ridiculous Cat.

When the director Leonid Nechaev suggested RolanBykov and Elena Sanaeva to star in the film "The Adventures of Pinocchio," Roland Antonovich did not like the idea at all, but Elena said: "They do not refuse such roles!"


Ironic and quivering, funny and dangerous - this is Alice in the performance of Elena Sanaya.

"There are not living people in the world, but survivors. Childhood is a phenomenon of human survival and soul formation. " Rolan Bykov

This role was for the actress and a real giftFate and cemented it with a concrete pedestal. Having played a little more than forty roles for his creative life, the actress was destined to be remembered by the audience not as a thin, ringing and exalted Lena from the film "Once upon a time there was a tuner" and, of course, not in the eternal roles of someone's friends, daughters and fellow travelers, And in the bright image of a unique personality - negative, but from this no less charming character.

Actress of theater and cinema, public figure ElenaSanayeva was born on October 21, 1943 in the family of actor Vsevolod Sanayev. Her husband was an actor and director Rolan Bykov. Elena Sanayaeva is the mother of the writer and director Pavel Sanayev.

Devoting his life to the genius director and, importantly, to the genius man Rolan Bykov, the main roles of the uneasy life of Elena Sanaya became the roles of wife and mother.

A little bit of justice

The roles of mother and wife are undeniably beautiful, butFate, for some reason giving one - a chance to fulfill the main female roles in the life of two beautiful men, took away from her the opportunity to fulfill another purpose: to realize the huge potential of the actors in this unique woman - dramatic and comedic.
To the role of Lisa Alisa performed by Elena SanayaevaCan be treated in different ways. It is accepted (and, of course, it's right that it's so accepted!) Refers to both the brightest image. But in this role, you can see and sketches, a grain of unplayed roles that slip in the eyes of Alice's fox, in relation to the Cat and even to Pinocchio, in all grotesque dances and songs.

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