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Who lives on the ocean floor


Coconut bat lives near Costa Rica</a>

The waters of the World Ocean contain millions of living organisms.

Most of them live in shallow depths, but there are also such living things that can survive at a pressure of 50-100 atmospheres.

It is precisely such conditions that exist at the bottom of the ocean.


Has a large, flat, spiked head. The eyes are located at the top of the head. The oral opening is wide and abounds with sharp, movable and curved back teeth. The skin of the sea duck is devoid of scales. Like many bottom fish, it has the ability to change color, depending on the color of the environment. The length varies between 1 and 2 meters. Inhabits the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. On his head is a mobile tentacle, which serves as a bait for prey.

Fish drop

Lives at a depth of one kilometer. The body of this fish has no muscles, and its density is lower than that of water. This is due to the enormous pressure that the fish is constantly exposed to. Inhabits near Tasmania and Australia, feeds on plankton. Very rarely found by a person.

Shrimp mantiss

An amazing and colorful creature. Hunts with the help of claws, which she likes to throw away. They stun their victim. The impact speed may exceed 20 m / s. The impulse generated by the impact is sufficient to break a thick glass. The eyes of these shrimps are considered to be one of the most complex biooptical devices. These creatures can see in the ultraviolet, infrared and polarized range.

Fish stargazer or heavenly eye

The eyes of this fish always look up, as ifConsider the stars - hence the name of this deep inhabitant. In the area of ​​the gill covers there are poisonous spines, so it is dangerous to touch the fish with bare hands. Hunting, she completely buries into the sand, from which only her eyes are visible. Noticing the victim, she pounces at her with great speed. Some part of the muscles of the head is modified into electric organs, therefore the astrologer can strike with an electric shock up to 50 volts. Inhabits the Arabian and the Red Sea.

Sea Slug

One of the deepest fish on the planet. In 2008, a group of scientists from the University of Aberdeen, together with Japanese oceanologists, was able to capture a group of slugs with a length of about 30 cm on a deep-water camera. Shooting took place at a depth of over 7,700 meters.

Fish tripod

One of the most unique fish. Has long rays that grow from the fins, the length of which is about one meter, with an adult length of 30-40 cm. The teeth of the tripod are concave back, they are larger on the upper jaw. It lives in the depths of all oceans, except the Arctic.

Sea bat

The body of the fish is flat, similar to the shape of the flounder. Muscles and organs of the creature are adapted specifically for survival under extreme pressure conditions. On her head she has an outgrowth that emits odorous enzymes, thus attracting prey.

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