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World Ocean waters contain millions of living organisms.

Most of them lives in shallow waters, but there are some creatures that can survive at a pressure of 50-100 atmospheres.

Such conditions are available on the bottom of the ocean.


It has a large, flat, dotted with spikes down. The eyes are located at the top of the head. Mouth wide and full of sharp, moving and backward-curved teeth. Leather monkfish devoid of scales. Like many demersal fish, it has the ability to change color depending on the colors of the surrounding environment. The length in the range of 1 to 2 meters. It lives in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. On his head a movable antenna, which serves as a lure for prey.

Fish drop

She lives at a depth of one kilometer. The body of the fish does not have muscle, and its density is lower than that of water. This is due to the enormous pressure to which the fish is exposed to all the time. Lives near Tasmania and Australia, feeds on plankton. Extremely rarely found a man.

Shrimp mantissas

Amazing and colorful creature. Hunt using the claw, which she likes to throw sharply. They it stuns its prey. The impact velocity can exceed 20 m / s. It occurs when the pulse impact sufficient to break the thick glass. The eyes of these shrimp are among the most complex bio-optical devices. Data being visible in the ultraviolet, infrared and polarized range.

Fish astrologer or Third Eye

The eyes of the fish are always looking up, thoughfind a star - hence the name of the inhabitants of the deep. In the area of ​​the gill covers are poisonous thorns, so to touch the fish with your bare hands is dangerous. When hunting, it is completely buries itself in the sand, from which only her eyes are visible. Noticing the victim, she lashes out at her with great speed. Some of the muscles of the head in a modified electric organs, so the astrologer may cause an electric shock of up to 50 volts. It lives in the Arabian and Red Sea.

Sea Slug

One of the most deep-water fish in the world. In 2008, a group of scientists from the University of Aberdeen, together with the Japanese oceanographers, was able to shoot on the slugs long about 30 cm deep chamber group. The shooting occurred at a depth of over 7700 meters.

Fish tripod

One of the most unique fish. Has a long, growing fin rays, the length of which is about one meter, with the length of an adult in the 30-40 cm. Teeth tripod concave back, they are larger in the upper jaw. It lives in the depths of all oceans except the Arctic.

Sea bat

The body of the fish flat, similar to the shape of the flounder. Muscles and organs being specially adapted for survival under extreme pressure. On her head is process that releases odorous enzymes, thus attracting prey.

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