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Who is the misanthrope

Who is the misanthrope

About some of the people around say that they are true misanthrope, often investing in this definition any negative sense.

Is this word somehow insulting or abusive, and what it means in reality?

Misanthrope - it is a word, which is heardin relation to any person, some are beginning to represent him wildly, reclusive and unsociable. In fact, it can be a misanthrope nicest person to which extend around and consider it a real flavor. What lies behind these words?

Misanthrope - who is it?

The term "misanthropist" is meant aa person who does not love humanity as a whole. Interestingly, there are a number of medical tests to identify true misanthrope. Often, people who consider themselves as such, but want to somehow stand out from the crowd or to justify their inability to adapt socially imaginary features of his personality.
Actually it is not misanthropistadversary people themselves. The hatred and rejection of his cause negative qualities inherent in most people-in fact, he hates these qualities in himself. However, he does not want people to evil, but to overcome the natural aversion to humanity does not consider it necessary. If he could, misanthrope would certainly have saved people from deficiencies, but it is too much for him.

Misanthrope - is an evil man?

Many people mistakenly believe that the misanthrope - asome unsociable and uncommunicative character, which all tend to stay as far as possible. In fact, it can easily make new acquaintances and to be a real soul of the company. Another thing is that the misanthrope does not feel genuine affection for others and communicates with them for the most part because these people it something useful.
It may seem surprising, but a misanthropealso have close friends - most often one or two people whom he can trust. However, if these people show him so hated for misanthrope traits, he did not hesitate to strike out the former friends of his life.
An example can serve as a classic misanthropethe protagonist of the cult American television series "House." He is intolerant to human vices and do not believe people deserve respect. He also despises compliance with the rules and laws, but due to high intelligence and brilliant vocabulary - and in some cases, and with the help of two of his friends - he always manages to get away with it. If you want to know who is a misanthrope, just look a few episodes of this movie and you will be fully aware of the correct answer to this question.

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