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Who is the top scorer in Italy

Who is the top scorer in Italy

Italian "Serie A" is the third most popular football league in the world.

To it attracted the attention of tens of millions of fans around the world.

Being a player in the attack in Italy is difficult - because of the peculiarities of the "Series A".


The peculiarity of the "Series A" is a special strategythe team in defense, "Catenaccio". In defense played just four defenders, and the game takes a tough, stringy character. On the victory for themselves Mundiale 2006 in seven matches, the Italian team conceded just two goals. Although this has been a great contribution goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, one can not ignore the importance of a defensive strategy, characteristic of all Italian football.


Salvatore Schillaci was votedscorer of the 1990 World Cup as part of the Italian national team. The Italians then reached the third place, losing in the semifinals of the Argentina national team silver medalist of the tournament on penalties.

Italy national football team is called the "Azzurrini". She sought four victories at the world championships (more than just Brazil - 5).

Giovanni Rivera was the classic "seventhnumber "of midfield. This is the first player in the center of the field in the history of the "Series A", who managed to become the top scorer in the season. This happened back in 1967. Most of the career of Giovanni Rivera had "Milan", having achieved all the possible individual and club awards. For uncontrollably and beauty tricks Giovanni earned the nickname "Golden Boy."

The present

The best scorer of the current Italian national team- Luca Toni. High growth, excellent technique allowed the footballer to torment the strongest defenders in the world. Early career in "Palermo" has surpassed all expectations. Luca Toni scored goals from round to round. He was the best scorer of Italy twice in a row in the "Palermo". He was invited to the "Fiorentina" in the "Viola" (the alternative name of the club), Tony also became a key top scorers. Then he was invited to play in the Munich "Bavaria", one of the world's best clubs. Luke became the leader of the team, becoming the top scorer twice, "Bundesliga" (German Cup).


Italian "Serie A" was founded back in 1898. The greatest number of times "Scudetto" (champions of the "Series" award) took the Turin "Juventus".

At the moment, the Italians put theirsverhtehnichnogo hopes for striker "Milan" Mario Balotelli ( "SuperMario"). This "burning" a football player, which is almost impossible to stop in the attack, is famous for its inexplicable antics. In England, when Mario played for "Manchester City", he set fire to his house, and arranged for the "show" in supermarkets. Mario many times (17 times in his career) scored a hat-trick and doubles (26).

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