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Who is the top scorer in hockey that take into account in the ranking of scorers

The best scorer of the Soviet and Russian hockey Boris Mikhailov

After many hockey tournaments of the organizing committee or the Directorate generally award prizes to the best goalkeeper, defender, the attacker and the main scorer.

The latter is determined by the number of washers, abandoned in all the games or the amount of productive points - the same goals plus assists.

What is the top scorer

There are two definitions of the word. The first was used in the Russian imperial army as a military rank of gunner, equivalent corporal (senior soldier). Second, modern and sporty, is very productive athlete-igroviki capable of scoring goals and give accurate transmission (passes). It is used not only in hockey but in football, handball, at least in basketball and volleyball.

The term "scorer" is sometimes replaced by "sniper". Taken it again from the arsenal of war and represents a hockey player, scoring the most goals without taking into account the precise transmission.

Hockey requires account

Scorers in any game are determined onbased only on its protocol, the data for which is prepared by the arbitrators. It's either those who directly judged the match on the field (soccer), a leading protocol judge-secretary (hockey, basketball). In hockey there are special protocol graphs that fit in the number of the player to throw the puck, and the number one or two assistants, made the assists.

Accounting scorers in the tournament is conducted in twoways. The first is typically used on small and short-term events. After their completion, the Chief Justice or his deputy collects all protocols. They calculate statistics on the amount of all the games, identifying those who scored more goals and scored maximum points in the system "goal + pass".

The first place among scorers in the regular season KHL 2014 took forward the Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist" Sergei Mozyakin. In 54 games, he scored 73 points (34 + 39).

The second method is used in extendedtournaments. For example, in the championship KHL (Continental Hockey League). Counting goals and assists it by a special group of hockey statistics, studies, not only received the protocols, but also video games. She even has the right to change these if points for performance is not chargeable to the person who really scored. There is also a group of people selected statistical counting scorers achievements, as well as troubleshooting and "white spots" in the records and references, as a hobby.

Club for washers

Popularity statisticians explicitly addedcreate symbolic clubs. One of the most famous among others is "100 Club scorers." It includes Soviet and Russian hockey players, zabivshie in national championships over a hundred goals.

Topping this list of honor, and manyStatistics say that life, the famous forwards Mihaylov (428), Sergeant (407) and Guryshev (379). For comparison, the best scorer of the NHL Wayne Gretzky scored 894 goals. By the way, have their bombardirsky club and our defenders. It is named after leading it with 153 washers Vyacheslav Fetisov.

One such club is named after VsevolodBobrova and combines scorers differed in matches for the national team in European Cups and international tournaments. Three leaders there make Mihaylov (705), Petrov (615) and foremen (588). Fetisov with 282 washers occupies 30th place.

There bombardirskie records and linksattack. The national hockey one of those is to achieve CSKA trio composed Mikhailov, Petrov and Kharlamov, in season 1969/70 has thrown 124 washers.

What is more important?

Many professional players, especially thoseby assists professionals as frontline team of Russia Pavel Datsyuk, often say that they are equivalent of goals. Like, no matter who it is scored, if only for the opponent's goal came on a red light. Statisticians consider a slightly different way, and in case of equality of points is always an advantage is given to those who scored more goals or played less matches.

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