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WHO is such a striker in hockey, which is taken into account in the ranking of scorers


The best scorer of the Soviet and Russian hockey Boris Mikhailov</a>

After the end of many hockey tournaments, their directorate or organizing committee usually hands out prizes to the best goalkeeper, defender, attacker and the main scorer.

The latter is determined by the number of pucks, abandoned in all games or by the sum of scoring points - the same pucks plus assists.

What is a scorer?

There are two definitions of this word. The first was used in the Russian tsarist army as a military artillery rank equivalent to a corporal (a senior soldier). The second, modern and athletic, means a very productive sportsman-igrovik, capable of scoring goals and giving accurate passes (passes). It is used not only in hockey, but also in football, handball, less often in basketball and volleyball.

The term "bombardier" is sometimes replaced by a "sniper". It is taken again from the arsenal of the military and means a hockey player who has thrown most of the pucks without taking into account the exact gears.

Hockey requires an account

The scorers in any game are determined byThe basis of only its protocol, the data for which are prepared by the arbitrators. This is either those who directly judged the match on the field (football), or the leading protocol of the referee-secretary (hockey, basketball). In the hockey protocol, there are special graphs that fit the number of the player who scored the washer and the numbers of one or two assistants who made the assists.

The account of scorers in the tournament is conducted by twoWays. The first is usually used in small and short-term competitions. After their completion, the Chief Justice or his deputy gathers all the protocols. They also calculate the statistics by the sum of all the games, determining those who scored more pucks and scored the maximum number of points on the system "goal + pass."

First place among the scorers of the regular season KHL-2014 was taken by the striker Magnitogorsk "Metallurg" Sergei Mozyakin. In 54 games he scored 73 points (34 + 39).

The second method is used in long-termTournaments. For example, in the championship of the KHL (Continental Hockey League). By counting washers and gears in it is engaged in a special group of hockey statisticians, studying not only the received protocols, but also videotapes of games. She even has the right to change the data if the score for performance is not calculated by the person who actually scored it. There is also a group of people who chose to count the statistical achievements of scorers, as well as the search for errors and "blank spots" in the protocols and handbooks, as a hobby.

Club for washers

The popularity of the work of statisticians has clearly addedThe creation of symbolic clubs. One of the most famous among others is the "Club of 100 Scorers". It includes Soviet and Russian hockey players who scored in the national championships more than a hundred goals.

This honorary list is headed, and manyStatistics believe that for life, the famous forwards Mikhailov (428), Starshinov (407) and Guryshev (379). For comparison: the best scorer of the NHL Wayne Gretzky scored 894 washers. By the way, there is a bombardir club and our defenders. He bears the name of the leader in it with 153 washers Vyacheslav Fetisov.

Another similar club is named in honor of VsevolodBobrov and unites the scorers, who also differed in duels for the national teams, in European cups and international tournaments. Three leaders in it are Mikhailov (705), Petrov (615) and Starshinov (588). Fetisov with 282 washers is in 30th place.

There are bombardier records and linksAttacks. In the domestic hockey, one of those is the achievement of the troika of CSKA in the composition of Mikhailov, Petrov and Kharlamov, in the season-1969/70 threw 124 goals.

What is more important?

Many professional hockey players, especially thoseExperts in assists, as the center forward of the Russian national team Pavel Datsyuk, often say that they are equivalent to abandoned pucks. Like, it does not matter who exactly scored, if only behind the gates of rivals a red light came on. Statistics are slightly different, and with equal points, the advantage is always given to those who scored more pucks or played fewer matches.

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