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WHO is such a son of Osiris


Anubis leads Pharaoh to court</a>

According to Plutarch, the sons of Osiris were Gore - the solar deity and Anubis - the god of the underworld.

However, in the case of Horus Isis, Osiris's wife became pregnant from his corpse.

Anubis - god of the underworld

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis isChiefly the conductor of human souls through darkness, the patron of magic and the teacher of magic. The mother of Anubis was the wife of Seth Nephthys. She started her son as a result of adultery. Nephthys took the shape of Osiris Isis wife in order to seduce him. Frightened of her husband's betrayal, Nephthys threw Anubis into the reed thickets, where he was found by Isis, who raised the god.
Usually Anubis is portrayed as a man with a jackal of a jackal or a wolf, which symbolizes death - the devouring of dead bodies.

There is another version of jackals head Anubis. In ancient Egypt jackals often tore up graves and ate human remains, so they were not loved. By deification of the jackal, the Egyptians wanted to put an end to this.

In life, Anubis leads a person through the darknessIgnorance, and after the completion of the earthly life - through the darkness of the mortal. He leads the soul through Amenti, a special area of ​​the other world, otherwise called a "secret place," to the palaces of his father Osiris, where forty-two divine judges decide to send her to the "reed field" - a place of bliss or to be destroyed. Therefore, the Greeks and identified Anubis as Hermes, the messenger of the gods.
In the Ancient Kingdom Anubis was considered the main godKingdom of the dead, judge of people and gods - he considers the hearts of the dead. In the Egyptian book of the dead, there is a passage where Anubis weighs the hearts that put the Libra of truth on one cup, the pen of the goddess of justice Maat lies on the second cup, and if the heart was harder, the soul was sent to hell.

Gore is the god of the winged sun

When Seth out of envy killed his brother Osiris andCut his body into pieces, which scattered throughout Egypt, Isis, along with Anubis began to collect it in parts. Anubis embalmed the assembled Osiris, and Isis, having turned into a female falcon, conceived from the dead body of Osiris, the god Horus.

Initially, the god in falcon disguise was revered as a predatory god of hunting. With the development of Egypt, religious thought made him the god of the winged sun, rushing in a chariot.

Running away from Seth in a secluded place, Isis carried,Gave birth and brought up Gore, who, having grown up, wanted to avenge his father. In the first battle, Seth wounded Gore and tore his eye, but in the second fight, Hor scolded Seth. The God of knowledge and wisdom He healed the eye of Horus, and with this help he resurrected his father Osiris. However, Osiris did not want to return from the realm of the dead and gave his throne to Gora himself, remaining to rule in the underworld. Gore was portrayed in the form of a winged sun or a person with a falcon face.

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