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Who's in-law

Who's in-law

In ancient times, people lived in large families, and to somehow call relatives, was coined many words such as "daughter", "in-law", "brother-in-law", "in-law" and others.

Today, not all people know exactly what these words mean.


In-law called her husband's sister. Moreover, the origin of the word is quite interesting: it was formed from the word "evil" because young sisters husband wife felt angry. We can not say that they had no grounds for this.

Why evil sister in law

The small villages are still often the case that a significant part of the population - relatives. They never called each other sister-in-law, brother in law, and so on.

When she got married, then she wentto live in the house of her husband, which already had a large family. not those to which she was accustomed Orders were there often. In addition, in the home she was loved by members of their family, they treated it with understanding, trust her work, which she herself like could forgive any imperfections.
In her husband's house was different. The young woman got into someone else's family, where it both looked and as "extra mouth," and as a new workforce. She kicked around by anyone who pleases: male, older, and sister, and her husband's brothers. Usually very different sisters, as they are also a little bit jealous of the new family member. Still, their brother, whom they rocked in the cradle, which played as children, brought into the house of a woman, and the sisters are no longer paying attention.

In-law could "ottaskat braids" daughter if she did housework bad. Sometimes the husband's sister found fault even when it was done well.

The young wife, especially the first time, usuallyI had to get up before dark, work to order, do not be lazy, and most importantly, in any case, do not argue with the other family members. Otherwise, if it is objected, it was immediately felt pampered, too demanding, saying that she had a different character. And there was no one who could stand up for her, but her husband, who is also often under the influence of older relatives. So if a young wife quarreled with someone from her husband's family, usually it promised her only problem.
But for some reason, the name of her husband's parents and brothers did notassociated with evil, but the sister is called in-law. The fact that it is usually the sisters tried to shift on the shoulders of a new employee in the family as much responsibility as possible. They also liked to command and daughter make her comments.

Current status

Now young couples are rarely live withparents, and only together with other relatives, brothers and sisters, and even rarer. If possible, the couple immediately move out into a separate apartment. Therefore, disputes with in-law in the past, except in rare cases, when people are forced to live together.
In memory of those times there are only a few sayings: "Zolovushkiny speech repem stand", "sister-in - zlovka", and others.

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