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Who is the seller of the day

Who is the seller of the day

The seller of the day - it is intuitively clear from the title, the person who agrees to return to work by the seller at the time when the other would prefer to have a rest - at the weekend.

Work by the seller at the weekend

According to the Labour Code, workers are consideredMonday through Friday, excluding public holidays. But it turns out that buyers are busy in those days, when the shops are open. When potential customers off, then and sellers at the same outlet stores. Thus was invented such a position, as the seller of the day. This is a person who agrees to go to work not only on Saturdays and Sundays, and public holidays.
This allows more money to those who do notsatisfied with the salary of a standard five-day week, and the students who usually welcome any opportunity to earn some money. Shops, in turn, also appreciate such employees, as profit on weekends often exceeds the income earned in the ordinary weekdays.
Work Weekend seller for those wholooking for extra income, as well as those who are currently studying in the marketing and trading occupations, and wants to experience the direct sales directly in the workplace.

What makes the weekend dealer

Obligations of the seller of the day the same,that of regular employees. It should help buyers make the right choice, tell them something about the characteristics of the goods, if they have doubts. To this end, it is important to be able to understand the store products. If the buyer is dissatisfied with something, the seller must properly respond after hearing the person and trying to satisfy his claim to fix the problem. If it is impossible to do in normal mode, you need to take the customer's complaint that she had been treated by responsible persons.
Also, the seller is engaged in weekend shoppingHall: He puts in order the goods, it lays out, sometimes in his duties include cleaning and room. He must look to have been correctly placed price tags. Sometimes sellers conduct product presentations and talk about special promotions.
Weekend Seller has the same rights to corporate discounts as regular employees. Salary can vary, depending on the place of work and the number of shifts.

What is needed to get the seller Weekend

As usual seller, especially for someone whodecided to trade on the weekend, will be the ability to communicate with people and knowledge about how to sell the product. Special education is not required to have, but the resistance to stress and energy will be useful, because the flow of customers on weekends are usually higher than normal.
As a rule, before starting to work on the trading floor personnel required to undergo a medical examination.

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