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Who is a database operator

What is a database operator

If you are in a job search and view job postings, you can find information about what the company needed a database operator.

Moreover, the profile of the company, which opened these jobs can be quite different: a large trading network, mobile operator, state-owned enterprises, the media.

All of them in their work use the database.

What is a database

A database is a structuredinformation on large arrays of similar objects. For example, the base of taxpayers' data, which are tax inspection, contains information about the name of the legal entity, its address, the head of the names etc. The base of urban cadastre data may contain information about the structure, located in the city:. The material from which they are built, the number of floors , the owners of these buildings, and so on. at any retailer has a database by type of goods, which specifies the name of the product, its weight, cost, supplier, and so on.
In fact, the database has a table consisting ofrows and columns. Each column - digital text or object characteristics, each line - a separate entity. These databases are created in specialized software or, if the company is small, ordinary spreadsheets can be used to create them.
The database allows you to automate the accounting of thesefacilities, as well as to analyze their condition, make inquiries and samples for some specific criteria. That is to have as much information as each object account, and their aggregate properties.
To this information was believed to be accurateand allowed to make the right management decisions, it must be relevant, ie constantly replenished and updated. That's something that complements existing data and making information about the new facilities and is engaged in the database operator.

Operator Requirements Database

Maintain databases - a very demanding job,but, of course, deal with it can not everyone. It is quite routine and creative elements in it are not welcomed. The operator should contribute, avoiding mistakes, and the information can be very much. To do this he will need such character qualities as diligence, perseverance, care and responsibility.
To use databases quite operatorenough secondary education, but you will be required good computer skills, Excel spreadsheets or specialized software. To maintain certain databases, in which images of objects used account, will need knowledge of graphic editors, or even Adobe Photoshop.

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