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Who is the most famous hockey player?


Who is the most famous hockey player?</a>

The most famous hockey player in the world is the Canadian Wayne Gretzky. This is the most productive NHL player, who achieved unbeatable results.

During his career, he set 61 records and was awarded the title of "Greatest player in hockey history".

Wayne was born on January 26, 1961 in Canada. I got addicted to hockey from childhood - during his youth, ice hockey was incredibly popular, and the salaries of professional players grew like leaps and bounds.

Carier start

At 6 years old, Gretzky already played in a team with 10-year-oldsChildren. And at 10, when he was taken to the children's league, he put his first record for boys of his age - scored 378 goals and made 139 assists for the season.

At age 14, Wayne played against 20-year-old boys,Speaking even at international tournaments. So, at the junior world championships in Montreal, when Gretzky was 16 years old, he was the youngest participant. That, however, did not prevent him from becoming the best among the scorers and the best striker of the championship.

World fame

At 17, Wayne Gretzky was in the NHL league, therebySetting a kind of record - before such contracts were concluded only with those who reached the age of 18. In the first season, he won the title of the most productive player of the season and set a record - he became the youngest player, who scored 50 goals in the top league.

In the second season, Wayne sets an NHL record forThe number of programs and points collected over the season, receives the title "Art Ross Trophy", repeats the League's record in the number of goals in one match period (4 goals). Against this background, it was completely unexpected for him to transfer him as a player in 1988 to the Los Angeles Kings team - the weakest in the big leagues.

NHL - National Hockey League -A professional organization that brings together hockey clubs in Canada and the United States. This is the first professional hockey league in the world and the main sports league of North America.

But the transition of the famous hockey player to CaliforniaRaised the interest of local residents to hockey at times: if previously hockey was making losses, the stadiums were filled by a third, then after 1988, getting tickets for the games with the famous Gretzky became a big problem. In the same year, Gretzky received the "Hart Trophy" award - the first ever "Los Angeles Kings". In 1989, he managed to set the record for the highest number of points for the season - 1851. And the last point he received in 53 seconds before the end of the last match of the season. Career Wayne quickly went up.

In 1994, Gretzky scored his 802 puck for his career, becoming the best sniper in the history of the NHL. In the same year he received the "Art Ross Trophy" and for the tenth time became the best scorer of the season.

"Hart Trophy" - the award to the most valuable player of the season. "Art Ross Trophy" - the award for the best scorer of the season. This is the most prestigious prizes of the NHL.

In early 1996, Wayne turns into a strongerThe team - "St. Louis Blues", becoming in the same year the best scorer of the season. But because of the conflict with the leadership after the end of the season he left the club and moved to the New York Rangers. Career Gretzky was already nearing the end, but he continued to set more and more records. In the same year 1996, the amount of his points exceeded 3000, which became a new record for the NHL, and in 1997 he set the League record for scoring transfers - 1851. In 1999, Wayne broke the record in 1072 goals for his career and was awarded the title of "Greatest player in history Hockey of the twentieth century. "

On April 18, 1999, Wayne Gretzky officiallyHas completed his professional career. His name was premigrated prematurely in the Hall of Hockey Glory, and the number "99", under which he acted, is assigned to him forever. He beat almost all NHL records, earned most of the individual League awards, which are awarded to the best players of the season. Nine times he received the "Hart Trophy" award and ten times "Art Ross Trophy".

After a sports career, Wayne began to do his own business, coached the team of the club "Phoenix Coyotes", co-owned by him, was the general manager of the national team of Canada.

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