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Who is the mantis

Who is the mantis

Mantis - predatory insects that lead a solitary lifestyle.

Prone to cannibalism.

Named they were so Carl Linnaeus for the permanent position "praying person".

Appearance and food mantis

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Praying Mantis - a chameleon, he can change the color inDepending on the environment in which we live. He adapts the colors of trees, rocks, branches and leaves. The color of the insect can be varied, most often found green, yellow and brown.
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Interesting features of this insect species is that they have only one ear, they are able to turn his head 180 degrees and even look over his shoulder.
What is manul
At mantis have wings, but fly it is very rare. If the place of his habitation be food in abundance, insect hold here all my life. Fly it may cause danger or hunger. In addition, only males can fly mantis, as females are larger and their wings can not stand.
Mantis is very slow, taking necessarycolor, a long time he could remain motionless, waiting for prey. When a predator grabs approached her front paws, which he almost always raised up. They have special notches that help to keep the caught prey. First he kills her and then eats. Mantis eats flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders. A larger species can eat lizards, frogs and even birds.
Praying Mantis - a very bold insect. He does not fly away from their enemies, and frightens them. For this predator rastopyrivat wings, he rises on his hind legs, swinging sideways, issues threatening sounds.
For people mantis is very useful, since the function of a medic - cleaning from pests, but sometimes it can destroy and benefiting insects - bees, ladybirds.

Features breeding mantis

The period from August to September - at the time of matingmantis. At this time, the male leaves the habitat, going on a search for females. If she is hungry, it may well eat your cavalier, as larger in size. And during copulation sometimes bites off his head. After fertilization, after a certain period, the female lays about a hundred eggs in a special adhesive mass. Mantis larvae of small size, but very mobile. They feed at first aphids, thrips, and can eat and each other.
Living mantises about three months, the males dieearlier than females. This is because they weaken after fertilization, stop hunting and wherein the body they disappear amino acids essential for life.

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