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WHO is such an individual


Who is an individual</a>

An individual is one person, or one individual of the genus Homo Sapiens.

The word came from the Latin individuum, which means "indivisible."

The term "individual" can mean both a biological individual and a human person.

Sometimes a word means both meanings together.

Property of an individual

Management of own behavior and control overPsychological processes that determine its activity and condition, are inherent properties of the individual. Characterization of the individual not only as a biological organism, but also as a personality inherent in this very organism, allows the individual to overcome the inherent qualities inherent in him.

The totality of the two meanings of the word "individual", biological and psychological, allows us to describe a person as a separate entity and separate from the environment and other individuals of its species.

The properties of the individual can be attributed to the integrityIts psychophysiological structure. This means that everything that relates to the life-supporting functions of the individual is systematically connected and can not be destroyed. This integrity is a way of organizing the individual's life relations with the surrounding reality, a set of functions and mechanisms by which he operates.
The next property of the individual is stability inInteraction with everything that surrounds it. This suggests that the individual does not lose his properties when he enters into any relationship with reality. But stability does not contradict the fact that the methods of the individual can be different, depending on what kind of interaction it is involved in.
Another property of the individual - activity - means the fact that the individual is able to change under the influence of the situation by overcoming or subordinating it.

Socio-psychological meaning of the word "individual"

If the word "individual" is found in the sociologicalOr psychological literature, then, as a rule, the person's personality is implied. The fact is that in these sciences the individual manifests himself as a person, therefore personal characteristics are considered.
However, some psychological conceptsDivide the concepts of "individual" and "personality". For example, in the concept of personalization, its basic basis is the assumption that the individual has a need to be personalized, that is, to become a person, and this need is conditioned by his being in society.

Growing an individual to a person is not an easy, but obligatory process, according to psychologists.

A lot of psychologists developed a themeThe relationship between the concepts of "personality" and "individual", in order to reveal how one goes into the other and how they are interrelated. There is a point of view that being an individual is an inalienable property of a person, but to become a person you need to try.

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