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Who is an individual

Who is the individual

The individual - it is one person or one individual species Homo Sapiens.

The word comes from the Latin individuum, which means "indivisible".

The term "individual" can mean a biological specimen, and the human person.

Sometimes the word means both values ​​together.

individual property

own behavior management and controlpsychological processes, determines its activities and the state, are essential characteristics of an individual. Characteristics of the individual, not only as a biological organism, but as a person, inherent in this very body, allows the individual to overcome initially inherent in it the quality.

The set of the two meanings of the word "individual", biological and psychological, allow us to describe a person, as a separate and isolated from the environment and other specimens of its kind being.

For individual properties include integrityits psycho-physiological structure. This means that everything that relates to the vital functions of the individual, systematically linked and can not be destroyed. This integrity - a way of organizing the life of the individual relationship with the surrounding reality, a set of functions and the mechanisms by which it operates.
The following property of the individual - is the stability ofinteraction with all that surrounds it. This means that the individual does not lose its properties when entering into any relationship with reality. But resistance does not contradict the fact that the individual methods may be different depending on in what kind of interaction it is involved.
Another property of the individual - Activity - refers to the fact that the individual is able to change under the influence of the situation by overcoming it or her submission.

Socio-psychological meaning of the word "individual"

If the word is found in individual sociologicalor psychological literature, it usually refers to a person's personality. The fact that the individual manifests itself as a person, so it is the personality characteristics and are considered in these sciences.
Nevertheless, some of the psychological conceptshare the concept of "individual" and "personality". For example, in its basic concept of personalization basis is the assumption that the individual has a need for personalized, that is, to become a person, and this need is due to its being in the society.

Growing up to the individual person - difficult, but indispensable process, according to psychologists.

Many psychologists have developed the themerelationship between the concepts of "personality" and "individual" to reveal, as one goes into another and how they are interrelated. There is a view that the individual be - an inherent property of the person, but to become a personality - you need to try.

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