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Who is the hermit crab

What is a Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs belong to the family of decapod crustaceans. The average sizes of individuals - 9-10 cm, the largest representatives reach 17 cm in length.

There are more than 450 types of cancers.

Exterior features

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Body hermit crabs mainly soft,they do not have a strong shell, therefore the majority of species protect their abdomen using empty shells of molluscs. With them, they hunt, they also come and lodge in the event of danger. Because the shell is usually sticking three pairs of legs, including claws. The left claw cancer hunts, and the right to protect the entrance to the sink. In the evolution of hermits greatly shortened rear pair of feet. That they are now and they hold the sink while traveling.
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Hermit crabs are found in the waters of the Baltic,North, Mediterranean Sea, the islands of the Caribbean, on the coasts of Europe. As a rule, they choose the shallow water, and only some species prefer a depth of 70-80 meters.


Hermit crabs - predators. They feed on molluscs, worms, other crustaceans. In addition, they are - scavengers. Podedu remains off decaying animal cancers thereby contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness in the territory of their habitat.

Sink hermit crabs

As shelter hermit crabs choose theirshells of about 25 species of mollusks. Without them, they are very vulnerable and can easily become prey to predators. The main criterion for selection is the ratio of internal volume to the shell weight.
As the hermit crab grows continually, heIt is regularly in search of a new shell. Usually right after moulting he starts to look for a bigger house. If there where he lives a lot of shells, and the replacement process is fast and without problems. But if there is no shell, the hermit crab looks at the others in the same cancers. If you find someone who obviously did not sink in size, some special tapping it offers to his fellow exchange. In the case of the consent of the neighbor comes out of the shell. However, if something does not suit, the hermit crab claw spans the entrance. Very often between cancers occur real fights for a cozy living space.

Symbiosis hermit crabs and sea anemones

Very often hermit crabs lodge on the sinkactinium, which protect them from enemies. Anemones in turn very quickly moves with them in search of prey. Sea anemones are poisonous tentacles, which paralyzes the prey. Some crabs prefer to settle directly on the claw anemone, which they cover the entrance to the sink at risk. If you want to change the shell, the hermit crab claws gently moves his neighbor at his new home. Very often hermit crabs have not found myself sink, actinium are housed directly on your body.

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