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Who is the Goblin

Who is the Goblin

Goblin - this is one of the most prominent figures of contemporary Russian Internet culture.

Under his name many "correct" translation of films was released, the animation and the establishment of a web resource.

It is interesting to find out who is hiding under the pseudonym.

The identity of the Goblin

Under the given alias hiding residentSt. Petersburg at the age of 52 years. His name is Dmitry Puchkov. He was engaged and engaged in translation and voice acting and many modern blockbuster hits of past years ( "Reservoir Dogs", "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Blade," "Lord of the Rings" and many others). He is also the creator of the blog with the name Tynu40k Goblina and Oper.ru site, which shares with readers his views on the events occurring in the world, phenomena, as well as talks about the creation of a "correct" translation of films.
Dmitry Puchkov was born on August 2, 1961 inKirovograd, in the family. Childhood and youth in Leningrad, but played the role of the German roots of his father - Dmitry graduated from tenth grade in Berlin. He married in 1980. He served in the army, in military transport aviation, where he learned to understand the vehicles. After graduating from the service in 1982, he worked until 1992 alternately heavy-driver, the car mechanic. Since 1992 he started working at the police station, where he earned the nickname "The Goblin". With service he retired in 1998 with the rank of lieutenant. According to Dmitry, this was due to the fact that his wife is very successfully doing business and owned several shops in the center of St. Petersburg.
The first experiments were made with the voice acting in 1999year, when the shooters addictive, Dmitry decided to recruit a team of programmers and localize such popular games at the time as "Gorky 18», Serious Sam and Duke Nukem, which he dubbed the many characters. The experience was a success, after which Dmitry decided to do films.

Postproduction and translations

It is thanks to the translations became Dmitry PuchkovIt is known to the masses. Humorous distortion of the meaning of "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars", "Boomer", etc. It was dismantled at the beginning of the quotes the younger generation of the two thousandth's. Later he moved away from the practice of funny translations. Now, under the "right" means the transfer of the absence of any censorship in the movies, where there is foul. According to Dmitry, it should sound as foreign films in Russian.
Goblin was created now forgotten resource Megakino,where, in fact, sold the films in the author's translation. It is logical that they are pirated and odnogolosyj. According to buyers Goblin creatures, he packed discs in boxes and sent them by mail. The boxes were checks, like buy licensed products. Now Dmitry denies this fact. Almost all the films in the translation of the Goblin can be found on the Internet and downloaded free of charge.

Internet activist

In runet though faded hype around the name of DmitryPuchkova, but, as the owner Oper.ru site, he is actively engaged in dialogue with users and admirers of his work. Extremely dislikes distortion Russian words mat on the resource and so much more that goes against the established way in the network.
Due to the fact that it is one of the firstHeroes of the Russian part of the Internet, acquired fame outside the network, it is often invited to television, radio and other media as a third-party expert on completely different issues. Not long ago, he praised the activities of the public movement "Stop-Ham," Russia's actions towards Ukraine. Dmitry strongly shows all his love for the Soviet Union, because of what has often been criticized by other bloggers and Internet activists.

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