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Who is the founder of the enterprise

Who is the founder of the enterprise

Any company, even if it is - an individualSelf employed, it arises as a result of the decision on its establishment, which is received by a group of natural or legal persons or natural person in the singular.

These individuals and entities are the owners of the enterprise and are considered by its founders.

Their composition does not change, as soon as they were at the beginnings of economic activity of the company.

Responsibilities founders

Decide on the establishment of the enterprise - a little. The law establishes the rights and obligations of the founders with respect to their offspring. On their shoulders rests the responsibility and the risks associated with not only the creation, but also to further the activities of the enterprise, as well as its reorganization and liquidation. Compensation for this is a profit to be distributed among the founders.
It is the responsibility of the founder or co-founderIt is the development of the Charter of the new company and the formation of the authorized capital. It is formed by units of property or money invested by the founders. Share in the share capital held by each of the founders, the company stated in the Constitution and other founding documents.
Founders determine the type and kind of ownershipactivities, are the legal address where the company is registered, as well as the place where will be located production facilities. They have to execute all documents necessary for the registration of a legal entity and submit them to the tax office. These documents are the basis for registration and the introduction of the enterprise in the register, based on the extract from which the bank opens a current account, without which the company simply can not work.
The founders in the face of the selected or appointedhead concerned with the manufacture of seals and other proprietary documents, the introduction of the authorized capital in the bank account. Their duties also include preparation of staffing, search and selection of candidates for the existing vacancies.

Who can be a founder

If the founder - a natural person, he may beand a citizen of the Russian Federation and foreign nationals - a non-resident, and even a person, and not having citizenship. If the founders have legal entities, they can also be enterprises registered in accordance with Russian law or foreign organizations established in accordance with the laws of their country, as well as subsidiaries, registered in the Russian Federation.
For individuals who want to befounders, additional requirements: they should not be unwithdrawn convictions, they should be legally competent and of legal age. All founders, citizens must have documents proving their identity and capacity to act, and legal entities - the confirmation of its legal status and legal.

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