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Who is the "Antipas-Besogon" in Russian folklore?

Who is the "Antipas-Besogon" in Russian folklore?

Who Is Antipas-Besogon?

One of the legends of family tales that came from our great-grandparents, will shed light on the story.

At Antipas, a simple country man, he had a wifefeisty-prezlyuschaya. Once again, cursing his wife, Antip zachertyhalsya loudly. And there appeared to him that a demon, or little devil, or the devil, or the devil and said: "Listen, Prunus mahaleb, let me, I am you - untold riches, but you tell me - his wife, fool." Not believing his happiness, the man immediately agreed to such an exchange.

Soon Antipas began to live in peace and prosperity. And he began to forget his little wife pernicious. However, once again, returning from the forest with her bag full of mushrooms, he saw a girl of extraordinary beauty with radiant eyes. Antipas was stunned on the type of angelic baby and tried to ask the girl who she was and where? But the girl suddenly disappeared into thin air, dropped at last: "I am not your daughter was born. You ruined my mama ... ".

And since he could not afford a place to find a man. I am imagining his daughter everywhere, and her angelic voice he heard in every sound and rustle. Prunus mahaleb become sad. Sitting all day on the porch of his house and the rich, no, no, yes, and let a tear. That daughter sees, the wife remembers.

Three years have passed. Most Prunus mahaleb launched himself: and his legs would not obey him, and his hands dropped to any work. Once Antipas decided to chop wood, but the ax slipped down to the feet. Man howled in pain, yes zachertyhalsya loudly. And here and features - easy to trace. Face contorts, but asks: "Called, Prunus mahaleb?". Antipas was not taken aback. Enough demonic offspring by the horns and in its boiler. A boiler on the stove Yes! Seat covered and the fire began to breed. Imp squeaks, shrieks damned, "Ask what you want, Antipushka, but do not let boil me!"

I bargain Antipas my wife back, and returnedsupruzhnitsa it, but not one, but with a little daughter. And they began to live together happily ever after, honey popivayuchi. And after a time were born to the happy couple has three sons. And he taught each of the sons of his father's slap, "Chertyhneshsya - no end of grief."

The people went to the rumor that Antipas-Besogon nice. And when someone misfortune befall, called Prunus mahaleb devils chase. And though many years have passed since then, if someone mereschetsya features, the Antipas remembered aloud. Because all evil is afraid even of his name!

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