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Who is scattered with Street Pool

One of the illustrations of the book

The man in the street scattered pools - a literary character.

The hero of the children's works of Samuil Marshak.

This is perhaps the most vivid image of the scattered human literature that has become a household name over time.

Literary image

The hero of the book, "Here is some scattered streetBasseynoy "- a collective, hyperbolized image of all the scattered people. The hero has no name, no surname. Unknown his age. It remains a mystery how it looks: whether it dark, whether it blond, bearded whether glasses.

Initially Marshak picked up his hero's name with shoe theme. He could become Kablukova or Bashmakov. Later I decided to give it a name, consonant with the main quality of a hero - distraction.

In each edition of his artists depictdifferently. He does not busy. It is not known whether he has a job, whether it is some kind of social activity. The author tells us only about the incidents related to its scattered nature. Overall Marshak has created a charming image of a cute, harmless eccentric. All his eccentricities seem nonsense. Scattered around them surrounded by laughing over it people.

Scattered about the Poem with Street PoolIt came out in 1930. It has been reprinted 11 times and is the most popular work of Marshak. In 1975 THAT "Screen" has released the eponymous cartoon.

People laugh not evil, but in kind, from the heart. Even the character's speech is full of ridiculous reservations. For example, its appeal to the tram driver is: "Vagonouvazhaemy, glubokouvazhaty! In that no matter what I have to go. Is it possible to have a tram station stop? ".

Action hero

The main plot of the works scattered in the streetBassejnoj takes place in the train, when the hero was traveling from Leningrad to Moscow. He goes to the train station on the roof of the tram. Then he sits down at the station when separated in the car and think that traveling for two days and can not leave the city of Leningrad.

Stations that are mentioned in the poem are not on the line Leningrad-Moscow. Dubna is located in the direction of Leningrad, Helsinki, and Yamskaya Kursk.

Action hero starts another home when heHe dressed for the ride. Instead, he put on his cap on the head of the pan, pulled the gloves on his feet. These ridiculous blunder a lot of fun for young readers. Marshak so vividly depicted the distraction of his character, that is the quality and fully replaces storyline and visual, and social portrait of the character. Without any specifics about his appearance and occupation

The prototype of Scattered appeared in 1926. Then Marshak saved from the poverty of his friend the poet pastern and received an advance for future children's book. But Piast did not know how to write for children, and Marshak wrote in his book "Lev".

Scattered perceived quite holistically. This character has more than 80 years is a favorite children's character, and a household name all the inconsiderate people.

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