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Who is a proctologist

What is a proctologist

Proctology - field of medicine concerned with the intestine, anus and anorectal.

Proctologist deals with problems of functioningand the development of pathological processes in these human bodies, as well as helping to diagnose diseases that can endanger human health and cause him discomfort in everyday life.

Specialty proctologist

Proctologist deals with the diagnosis of diseasesrectum and colon. Modern coloproctology engaged in research of various pathologies that affect each of the sections of the colon. Doctors are examined growths (polyps), which may occur as a result of malnutrition or genetic factors. Specialist studies degree injury, the presence of foreign bodies in the organs, the study of tumor formation, anal fissures. The doctor treats bowel loss, parasitic infestations, proctitis, anal itching and intestinal colitis. Proctologist deals with the cause of all the above processes and in accordance with their specialization can perform surgical procedures.


Proctology is divided into two main sections: surgical and therapeutic. The basis of surgical treatment is urgent proctology diseases that cause problems in the intestine. The specialist is able to eliminate the bleeding because of gaps in the hemorrhoidal node that without surgery can cause the death of a person. Therapeutic proctology section examines the infection, intoxication and worm infestation, resulting in the intestine and anus.
The reception at the proctologist is carried out in several stages. Initially, the patient made a survey and study of the existing complaints. After that the doctor holds a primary rectal examination, which allows you to determine the cause of the disease and to put a primary diagnosis. After touring most of the additional diagnostic procedures are assigned. For example, the specialist may prescribe anoscope, colonoscopy, ergography and request a stool sample.
By proctologist should contact if youconcerned about persistent constipation, diarrhea. The appearance of pain in the anus, which are aggravated by prolonged sitting or walking, are also indications for admission. If you have pain during bowel movements, formation of lumps and swelling in the anal area, the appearance of traces of blood and mucus on the toilet paper, swelling in the anal area, coproplanesia and loss haemorrhoid after defecation is necessary to address to the proctologist for inspection and cure existing disease.
Proctology should periodically visit inas prophylaxis of diseases which can give serious complications in the future. It is advisable to visit the proctologist people who are overweight and in menopause. Consultation with a specialist is needed, if your work is connected with the constant stay in a sitting position.

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