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WHO is such a proctologist


Who is a proctologist?</a>

Proctology is a field of medicine dealing with problems of the intestine, anus and anorectal area.

The proctologist deals with the functioning problemsAnd the development of pathological processes in these human organs, and also helps to diagnose diseases that can threaten human health and cause discomfort in everyday life.

Specialization of the proctologist

Proctologist is engaged in the diagnosis of diseasesRectum and colon. Modern coloproctologists are engaged in studies of various pathologies that affect each of the sections of the large intestine. The doctors study the emerging growths (polyps), which can manifest as a result of eating disorders or genetic factors. The specialist studies the formation of injuries, the presence of foreign bodies in the organs, the study of tumor formations, anal fissures. The doctor deals with the treatment of bowel prolapse, parasitic invasions, proctitis, anal itching and intestinal colitis. The proctologist is engaged in the cause of all the above processes and, according to his specialization, can perform surgical manipulations.


Proctology is divided into two main sections: Surgical and therapeutic. Surgical proctology is based on the treatment of urgent diseases, which are caused by problems in the intestines. The specialist is able to eliminate bleeding due to ruptures in the hemorrhoidal node, which, without surgical intervention, can cause the death of a person. The therapeutic section of proctology studies infections, intoxications and helminthic invasions that occur in the intestine and anus.
Reception at the proctologist is spent in some stages. Initially, the patient is questioned and the complaints examined. After this, the doctor performs a primary rectal examination, which allows you to find out the cause of the disease and make a primary diagnosis. After the examination, more diagnostic procedures are usually prescribed. For example, a specialist may prescribe an anoscopy, a colonoscopy, an irrigography and request an analysis of stool.
The proctologist should be contacted if you areConstant constipation, diarrhea. The appearance of pain in the anus, which are aggravated by prolonged sitting or walking, are also indications for admission. If you have pain during defecation, cones and swelling in the anus, the appearance of blood and mucous discharge on toilet paper, edema in the anus, fecal excretion through the fistula and the prolapse of the hemorrhoidal site after defecation, you should consult a proctologist for examination and cure for the existing disease.
The proctologist should be periodically visitedThe prevention of diseases, which can give serious complications in the future. It is advisable to visit the proctologist with people who are overweight and during menopause. Consultation with a specialist is necessary if your work is related to a constant stay in a sitting position.

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