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Who is Pontius Pilate

Who was Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate - one of the central characters of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita."

His name is mentioned in the Bible, it is closely related to the last days of the life of Jesus Christ.

Pilate, being a Roman governor in Judea, he made a decision that was fatal in the short earthly life of the carpenter from Nazareth.

procurator of Judea

At the beginning of a new era of Roman authority established inJudah his direct rule. Heading the province became the procurator, which, however, would be more correct to call the prefect. The researchers found that the governors of Rome were called procurators only in the II century, and before that they called it the prefects. This governor has broad powers, although subordinate to the proconsul of Syria. Pontius Pilate was the fifth representative of the Roman power, took office as prescribed by the Emperor Tiberius.
"Pilate" is a name, in allApparently, the nickname that is often worn by the Romans. Usually it emphasized some distinctive feature of its owner. There is a theory according to which the name is derived from the short-throwing weapon - dart, ie actually means "one who throws the spear." It is not clear whether it has received the nickname Procurator for private military services or inherited.
Sources describe Pilate cruel andarrogant ruler, down refers to the people of Rome subordinate Jews. The procurator has repeatedly insulted the feelings of believers, with disdain and contempt speaking about religious beliefs of the Jews. Pilate repeatedly used the temple money for other purposes, even though they were intended for the construction of the aqueduct in Jerusalem. procurator actions repeatedly lead to unrest among the population of Judea.

The famous Pontius Pilate

In the history of Pontius Pilate entered is not dueits success in managing the remote province of Rome. His name is directly connected with the events relating to the death of Jesus, the carpenter of Nazareth, whom Christians believe God who took human form and came into the world to save the erring mankind. That Pilate at the request of the Jewish high priests decided that Jesus condemned to severe torture and death on the cross.
Jesus' enemies themselves have decided to deprive himlife, but under existing laws could not carry out the sentence until it has been approved Roman governor. The authors of the Gospels recount that Jesus led the high priests after a night of councils to the court of Pontius Pilate and insisted that his authority procurator approved the death sentence. The fate of Christ in the hands of the Roman governor.
According to legend, Pilate wanted to release firstChrist, is suspected of sowing discord among the Jews, about to punish him before. But the chief priests, who saw in Jesus a direct threat to his rule, strongly demanded that Pilate, endowed with full powers, the preacher sentenced to crucifixion. After much doubt Procurator changed his mind and ordered the execution of Jesus, along with two thieves.

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