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WHO ladder goes haircut on long hair?

This hairstyle is long hair on the ladder?

Haircut "ladder" to create a good amount. She goes to those whose hair is naturally thin enough.

Special technology allows hairstyles to make them fluffy, add the root volume.

Haircut "ladder" - what is it

Grooming a ladder is as follows: All hair collected in a ponytail at the crown, which is trimmed. The length of the strands in the occipital and parietal areas is equal to the distance from the scalp to the point where the barber holding hair with her hand. The hair on the temples behind and almost retain the original length. Curls all over his head will be extended from the top of the neck, as if creating a ladder, the shortest of its strands - in the parietal and occipital areas.

The haircut "ladder" is usually provided fringe. But if you do not want it, tell your master. Then, before the creation of hairstyles he will separate the frontal locks and podstrizhet them separately.

Hair cropped short flight of stairs, can be installed in different ways. Make a high ponytail, bun, braid fashion. The lengths of the strands of the back will be enough for any installation.

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Haircut "ladder" can be a long (ifhair initially reached blades) and short (in the event that the strands did not drop below the shoulder). Some hairdressers called longer haircut "cascade", although in fact hairstyles are created exactly the same technology.

Many artists prefer to taper the endsstrands to further facilitate hair, give them volume. If your hair is thin enough and so, ask to make cutting out only the occipital area.

Haircut "ladder" - to whom it is

Haircut "ladder" is very convenient and virtuallyIt requires installation. She is female, as it creates a smooth transition from short to long strands, there are no sharp abstract lines. Hairstyle always keeps a neat appearance, the hair grow back neatly.

Haircut "ladder" looks good both on the plain and on the Highlighted Hair. Thin strands of light on the dark curls will add additional volume to the hairstyle.

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This hairstyle is very fit girls with ovalor rectangular type of person. A variant where the hair reaching his shoulders, owners decorate round face. Also suitable hairstyle girls with a sharp chin. But in this case the strands need to stack temporal ends outwards, so that they compensate for the difference between the width of the forehead and chin.

Grooming a ladder suitable for all those who want toto give the amount of the top of the head, thereby equilibrated too heavy chin. Upper shorter strands do not press on the bottom, hair becomes fluffy. In order to support her during the day, enough to lower his head down, splash paint on the roots and rise up. Hair will form a beautiful cascade.

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