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Ornithologist who is and what it does

Ornithologist engaged in the study of birds

Birds that live on our planet are many and varied. Some permanently live in certain areas.

Others are moving from place to place, but try to stay in the same climatic conditions.

Others sometimes fly too far from home, and then come back.

The study of birds, their biology, habits, seasonal routes involved in science, which is called ornithology.

Where did the term?

Like the names of many sciences, the word "ornithology"It is of Greek origin. Bird in Greek is called "Ornis" and "logos" - "word", "science", "study". Accordingly, the ornithologist - a specialist who studies birds. For the first time the name of ornithology emerged almost five hundred years ago, and introduced him to the scientific use of the naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi.

What does an ornithologist?

scientists now know nearly ten thousand speciesbirds. But periodically from different countries there are reports that opened some new species. Identifying unknown species of birds - one of the tasks of ornithologists. In addition, they are watching has open views, systematize data about birds, study their biology, lifestyle, habitat, diet, and more. It ornithologists collect data for a variety of national and international programs for the protection of rare species of birds.

Where to get this specialty?

To become an ornithologist, you need to enter theBiology Faculty of the University. Department of Ornithology have many of them, so that biologist student has the opportunity to obtain the corresponding specialization. On ornithologist veterinarian can learn in Veterinary Academy.
Before you choose a specialty, it makes senseconsider that the work ornithologist often associated with constant travel and expeditions. Get this profession work in research institutions, environmental organizations, nature reserves, game reserves and zoos.

As the study of birds?

Bird Watching - methodical basisOrnithology. Observation in this case applied the visual and auditory. This method allows us to study the appearance, characteristics and behavior of food and much more. But you can not use it to find out where fly migratory birds or how to change the nomadic species habitat. To find out, ornithologists have used a very effective method of banding. He is widely known and has been used for a hundred years.
Bird catch the safest way tonot to cause her injury. On paw wear a ring on which are listed the necessary data (eg, number, ringing date, etc.). Previously used aluminum rings, ornithologists are now used more often colored plastic. The bird was released and waiting, where it will appear. Such knowledge, the information in the system, allow to predict migration.

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