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Who is the millipede and how to contain


Millipede - this is the most common type of centipedes. Most often, this species is found in forest areas.

There are many subspecies of millipede, and they differ not only for its size, but also color.

Currently, these millipedes are very popular among fans of exotic pets.

An interesting fact is the relationshiplemurs and millipede in the wild. Enterprising animals specially frighten centipedes, and then rub them the body. Thus lemurs acquire a specific aroma, which, in their opinion, should distract them from the attention of predators. Oddly enough, but this method is really effective.

What is a millipede

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Millipede - a centipede, which can reacha length as several millimeters, and 30-40 centimeters. His body was covered with armor usually black or brown. However, some millipede distinguished by the presence of bright ornament. In the event of danger millipedes are protected in two ways - the body folding in tight ring and defeat the enemy pungent odor.
The most beautiful stains have Africanmillipede. Their body is covered with yellow, red or even blue segments. Experts note that the odor intensity is directly related to the color of the shell of the centipede. The brighter the color of the more pungent odor is able to allocate millipede. The most "malodorous" albino millipedes are considered.
The main diet millipede - mushrooms and leavestrees. Of particular interest to the rotten centipedes show shoots, bark and leaves. Millipede differ a good appetite, and within a few months of one individual can consume up to several buckets of plant foods.

How can I keep millipede

The unusual appearance and impressive sizemillipede attracted the attention of fans of the exotic. Keep the home of centipedes can be in conventional plastic containers or terrariums. With proper care and feeding of the full millipede can live up to 12-13 years.
The colorful centipedes - omnivores, sooffer them can be almost any plant food. Do not refuse it, and from cottage cheese or meat. Of particular interest to the Cretaceous show millipede. This ingredient must regularly include millipedes food as a source of vitamins.
The content of millipede in captivity has its drawbacksand dignity. This millipede, despite the presence of more than seven hundred "feet" - is very slow. Instantly hide from your field of view, it can not at all desire. Special care does not require a millipede - enough to supply him with the necessary amount of food and make it possible to retire in the ground.
The main disadvantage of this is the millipedes timid character. The slightest fright causes not only the conversion of millipede in the ball, but the occurrence of unpleasant odor.
The vessel where live millipede, it is necessary to plant a few live plants, and the bottom covered with soil or a mixture of soil and sand. Additional equipment for its maintenance is not required.

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