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Who is a hypocrite

What is a hypocrite

Hypocrite - is the one who tries to get the location of people and dishonest methods of pretense.

Sometimes he tricks to charm the individual, but it can also lie, to look respectable in the eyes of society.

Interpretation of the word hypocrisy

Hypocrite - is the one who is inherent hypocrisy. And what is the hypocrisy? Probably all intuitively understand that, but to give an exact answer, will have to work hard. There are too many situations can be summed up in one word it.
Sometimes it makes absolutely immoral hypocriteactions by pretending that his goals were completely opposite: highly moral and humane. Opposition of hypocrisy can be called honesty and sincerity. For this reason, politicians are often accused of hypocrisy in public, they are ready to give any promises that are not going to perform and how they justify the most immoral acts!
Hypocrisy is called and then, when a man in the eyes of the other one says, but for the eyes do not hesitate to denigrate or ridicule their friends.
In other words, hypocrisy always involves a certain duality in human behavior. His actions or words do not match his convictions and what he really thinks.

Society of hypocrisy

According to Sigmund Freud, muchaffect the whole psychology, all human society is subject to cultural hypocrisy. Freud described hypocrisy as an integral part of the co-existence of people.
There is an unofficial ban in societydiscussion and criticism of its basic principles, otherwise it would lead to instability. "Officially" by each person is required to be worthy of the highest moral ideals, at least, in words and in public. However, if someone is secretly behaving hypocritically and immoral, but it is done quietly, the public seemed to approve the rules, or at least not openly condemn it.
Also, sometimes it turns out that when a person livesaccording to high moral principles, sometimes he paid less in society than one who is easy on occasion of sacrifices. The greater the extent to which it is shown, the more "sick" can be called a society.

The true nature of man - the hypocrisy?

But is it that lies in hypocrisybased on the true nature of man? Each of the people - a hypocrite? Not at all. Indeed, society as slabooorganizovanny and has no effective mechanism of control levers, produces hypocrisy to maintain order, to some extent, but numerous studies of psychologists have confirmed that the individual feels uncomfortable when he has to play the hypocrite.
This forced hypocrisy is called cognitive dissonance. This feeling, which appears in humans when they experience some emotions, and people are forced to show something else.

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