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Who is a dependent

Who is a dependent

Word dependent firmly established and entrenched in the modern language of the inhabitants. The term is often dependent understanding of persons representing a burden, in other words, freeloaders.

However, the value is not quite correct, because from a legal point of view the interpretation of the concept is somewhat different.

The concept of a dependent, of course, is in the languagesome negative connotation. Often referred to as dependents of irresponsible people who prefer to live at the expense of other, more conscious citizens, to put it simply, it is about parasites, but dependents group includes those who simply do not have the opportunity to work and earn their own livelihood.

From a legal point of view

From the point of view of the law, the category of dependentsfall and grandchildren, and parents and grandparents, and grandparents and even step-daughter and stepfather and young children, in short, all those who can not provide for themselves, and therefore is to provide another member of the family or group.
Monetary content that is assigned to peoplereceived the status of a dependent, often referred to as alimony. Dependents are divided in two main areas: a person caught in a group because of their age or state of his ill health. Dependents are located in the status soderzhantsev state and a particular person.
Antonym of the word "dependent" isthe phrase "labor (able-bodied) population." However, not all the unemployed, but under the category of able-bodied citizens who are entitled to dependency, often the fact of such a right is necessary to prove in court, resulting in good arguments.
At a special position from the legislative point of view, children are made, they are recognized as dependents without any evidentiary basis until reaching adulthood.

Maintenance and support measures

Dependents are considered to be people who have the right togetting established pensions, compensations related to the death of a breadwinner, and other benefits and payments. Content obtained dependent, it is the main source of income for him, and the funds paid by the breadwinner, make up the amount, without which a dependent can not survive.
In order to justify their right tofinancial assistance, set into the dependents do not necessarily live together with their official supporter. This category, as brothers, sisters, grandchildren recognized as dependent and in need of constant care is only provided if the officially recognized are disabled or incapacitated parents.
Grandparents who have reached retirement ageor with disabilities are recognized dependents with respect to grandchildren only if do not have relatives who, by law, are required to provide their content. Interestingly, the law equates dependents to the heir to the main line in the event of loss of the main breadwinner, even in direct relationship with deceased dependent never was. For example, an adopted child under the law is seen as an heir to the same level with the relatives of the testator.

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