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WHO is such a carrier of hepatitis


Who is the carrier of hepatitis</a>

The term "carrier of hepatitis" is used inMedical literature is very often, but the meaning invested in it is different. Sometimes a carrier is understood as a person who has detected hepatitis virus markers, but the disease itself does not develop and eventually the causative agent disappears from the body.

But such a successful carrier is rare.

More often the carrier of a hepatitis has the chronic disease with low activity of a virus at which there are no clinical signs.

Ways of transmission of viral hepatitis

The carrier of the hepatitis virus is a peculiarForm of the disease, characterized by asymptomatic leakage. The outcome of this disease largely depends on the condition of the carrier's organism, its viability, reactivity. But in any case, complete recovery and release from the virus without specific therapy is unlikely.

Viral hepatitis by the mechanism of transmissionThe causative agent is divided into two large groups. The first include diseases that have a fecal-oral transmission - hepatitis A and E. The second group, which includes all other types of viral hepatitis, transmits the pathogen parenterally - through the blood, during sexual intercourse, from a sick mother to a newborn.

Acute phase

The phase of acute infection in some patients hasMarked clinical manifestations (jaundice). Such patients are hospitalized in infectious hospitals. Others do not even notice their infection and the detection of the virus in the future is, as it were, accidental.
The usual outcome of acute forms of hepatitis BEnds at the most recovery. But in some patients, the body can not free itself from the virus and forms a chronic carrier (chronic hepatitis). Most often, such chronic forms occur with mild disease. In these cases, the immune system of the infected simply does not notice the virus and does not respond to it properly.
In patients with acute hepatitis C, the clinic usuallyIs poorly expressed, light forms of the disease predominate. And it is the easy flow that turns out to be insidious for patients: after half a year from the onset of infection, chronic forms (virus carrier or chronic hepatitis) form in 70-80% of patients.

Formation of chronic virus carrier

The next stage occurs after 6 months fromThe moment of introduction of the virus. This conditionally accepted term, which distinguishes between acute and chronic forms of the disease. The latent asymptomatic chronic course of the disease begins to manifest itself in this period with poorly expressed hepatitis, detectable morphologically (liver biopsy), deviation from the norm of biochemical laboratory tests.
The process is stretched for many years, if notThere is a release from viruses. Symptoms of the disease gradually progress. In case of an adverse course, the outcome of this period may be cirrhosis, liver cancer. Occasionally spontaneously, but more often under the influence of treatment, hepatitis can "quiet down" for dozens of years and stop worrying the patient.

Diagnosis of virus carrying

As practice shows, it is very difficult to identifyThe time of onset of infection is a "reference point". Exception is made by persons who have undergone acute viral hepatitis in the hospital, or patients who are under constant laboratory control (medical workers, employees of children's institutions). Knowing the timing of the onset of infection helps the doctor to diagnose hepatitis, to determine the nature of the course of the disease, to predict, in choosing the optimal treatment. Patients should assist the doctor by analyzing the history of their illness, suggesting the timing of probable infection.
Thus, the person carrying the virus canThere is a limited time - from six months to three years, during this time the virus either leaves the body, or grows and multiplies, leading to inflammation of the liver - hepatitis.

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