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Who invented the very first touch phone


Who invented the very first touch phone</a>

The first attempt to create a touch phone was successfully implemented 20 years ago.

Times are changing, new technologies are not standing still, and now the touch phones have taken a firm position in the cellular market.

Touch phones

We do not imagine modern life withoutUsing a cell phone, it has become an integral part of it. And after all some ten years ago not everyone could afford to buy a cellular phone, basically it was considered a luxury item.
Currently, the mobile equipment industryDynamically develops, with every year more and more new models are being created. However, sensory phones became a real revolution in this, which gained wide popularity among users and practically ousted from the usual "push-button" sales.

The creator of the first touch phone

Few people know this, but in reality the first touch phone was invented in 1993 by IBM, most of its activity dedicated to the creation of computer equipment.
This company was established in the distant 1896. Engineer Herman Hollerith. Originally it was called the Tabulating Machine Company and was engaged in the production of counting and analytical machines. In 1911, TMS merged with the companies of Charles Flint - the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale Corporation. As a result of this process, Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) was formed. In 1917 CTR entered the markets of Canada under the brand International Business Machines (IBM), and in 1924 the US unit also changed its name.

IBM Simon

The first touch phone was named IBMSimon. In those years, he seemed the highest invention among the phones and made a real sensation, although weighed more than 0.5 kg and resembled a "brick", which has nothing to do with modern light gadgets. Despite the fact that his touch screen was created to work with the stylus, most of the operations could be done with your fingers.
Simon was equipped with a black and white screen160 * 293 and a built-in modem. The battery was designed for one hour of continuous talk or 8-12 hours of standby time. In addition, the phone has a special slot for additional memory.
The operational system was one of theVersions of DOS, which was developed by Datalight. The phone had 1 MB of RAM and 1 MB for various data and applications. The IBM Simon system provided for receiving faxes, e-mail, it could function as a pager, and also run built-in applications.
The cost of such a phone was prohibitive- approximately 900 US dollars subject to the conclusion of a contract with the operator for a period of up to two years or 1100 without this condition. Despite its uniqueness, the gadget often failed and was not widely distributed to users. As a result, IBM declined the idea of ​​manufacturing mobile.

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