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WHO has stolen Zeus

Who stole Zeus

The Greek gods, invented passionate, proud and loving the people who inhabited the peninsula sultry, embodied not only the divine power, beauty and wisdom, but many human vices.

For myself the supreme god - Zeus the Thunderer has repeatedly been caught in adultery, fraud, arrogance, distortion of facts, as well as kidnapping banal, that is kidnapping.

Zeus and Aegina

According to Greek mythology, Zeus kidnapped the firstAegina lovely naiad. Taking shape of an eagle, Thunder blew a beautiful maiden from their homes and left Henon island near Attica. Worried father, the river god Asopus, rushed to the daughter of the search, but could not find the slightest of its footprint, while the king of Corinth, Sisyphus, in exchange for a promise not to wash away the waters of his custody rivers in flood Acropolis his city, did not say that I saw a huge eagle, carrying a girl on a neighboring island. Asopus's daughter tried to return, but Zeus, the thunder and lightning, made the river god to return to your own channel.

Deciding to punish Sisyphus, Zeus sent to him the god of death, Thanatos. But the cunning king tricked and captured the messenger. People stopped dying. This lasted until until they broke god of war - Ares.

Aegina bore Aeacus Zeus, who became kingthe island was renamed in honor of his mother. Then naiad married actors and they also had a son, Melentie. The genus Aeacus belonged brave Achilles, son of the Melent'ev was Patroclus, Achilles' friend.

Zeus and Europe

Plot of the many excellent worksArt was the abduction of Europe. This Phoenician princess kidnapped by Zeus, turned into a huge white bull, with delicate skin, pearly horns, floral aroma and musical mooing. Virgin saw a magnificent animal while walking with ladies of the court on the beach and was so fascinated by its beauty, I could not deny myself the pleasure and perched on its back. Bull immediately turned towards the sea and swam, foaming waves. So he swam to the island of Crete, which was brought before the frightened girl in true form. Europe became the first queen of the island of the blessed, and gave birth to the Thunderer Minos, Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon.

After the death of the sons of Zeus and from Europe, and from Aegina became judges in the kingdom of the dead.

Abduction of Ganymede

But not only the beautiful girls kidnapped Zeus. Also in the shape of an eagle carried it to Olympus and beautiful youth, Ganymede became cupbearer to the gods of feasts. There are two versions of this myth, according to Thunder saw Ganymede, when the herds pass on Mount Ida, was struck by his good looks, and immediately blew in their palaces. Another myth says that initially Ganymede kidnapped goddess of the dawn - Eos, along with another young man, Typhon. Zeus convinced the goddess to part with one of her lovers, in exchange for the promise of immortality second. So I hit Ganymede to Olympus, and Teton became immortal, but aging, because the Eos forgot to ask for eternal and forgot about it. Poor, over time, turned into a cricket.
Ganymede's father, the king of Troy Cable, so much grievedabout his son, Zeus sent Hermes to him clever. He persuaded Cables that his son will live forever on Olympus, staying young and carefree, as well as additional compensation given magnificent horses. That these horses Hercules demanded grandson Tros, king Laomedon, as a reward for saving his daughter, Hesiona.

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