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Who founded Apple

Who founded Apple

During its history of more than 35 years, Apple has managed to turn the whole industry production of computers, mobile phones, mp3-players and so on.

It is surprising that one of the leading companies in the electronics industry have created two people, in which then nobody believed.

creation of a corporation

Apple was founded in 1976, whentwo young and ambitious man decided to create a company to produce and sell computers. These young men named Steve Wozniak, he at that time was only 25, and Steve Jobs, who just came of age, he was 21 years old.
The first day of work is considered to be April 1, 1976. That same day, the first computer Apple Computer I was first introduced to the public. In the first 10 months of operation, the company has released 175 of these computers, hand-picked. The first computer company is a motherboard without a keyboard, mouse, graphics and sound. Going to old computers in the garage the parents of Steve Jobs, Wozniak and Jobs helped their relatives and friends.

At that time, the company has even got its own secretary, who took the place of mother of Steve Jobs.

The first batch of computers bought familiar Jobsin his shop, where he picked up the body, the power supply for Apple Computers. The name for the company came up with short, mainly for the inventors was that in the telephone directory company Apple was higher on the list of popular at the time of the company Atari.

At first profit by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak rented mailbox and bought the first telephone line in order to create at least the appearance of really existing corporation.

The revolution in consciousness

Already in 1977, Apple made its firsta revolution in the computer industry: they set up the second computer, which had color graphics. Appeared in it and sound, do not forget about the inventors and the keyboard, and power supply. It appeared in 1976, the most famous logo - color bitten apple. The company has grown, they have opened a real office, the face of Steve Jobs appeared on the pages and covers of glossy business magazines. profit margins have increased several times. In May 1979, Apple employees have begun work on a new computer, focused on the ordinary user. This period can be called the beginning of the birth of the first Macintosh.
At the moment, the price of AppleIt is estimated at about 500 billion dollars, that is, the company is one of the most expensive in history. Now the company produces not only computers and laptops, but also computer tablets, smartphones, music players. Steve Wozniak retired company in 1987, and in 2011 Steve Jobs died of cancer, but, despite the fact that both the founder of the company is not involved in its development, the company is thriving.

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