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Who discovered Antarctica


Who Discovered Antarctica</a>

Antarctica is a continent covered not only with ice, but also with secrets.

Even his discovery and the names of the discoverers still cause controversy among scientists. Someone believes that the mainland was described as far back as the 16th and 17th century, while someone is following the version of the Russian pioneers.

So, who discovered Antarctica.

The discovery of Antarctica: the official version

According to the official version, the continent was actuallyWas opened in 1820, when on January 16 (28) an expedition led by the great Russian naval officers Mikhail Lazarev and Faddey Bellingshausen noticed an unknown land nearby. This land was the sixth, the last of the open continents of the globe - Antarctica.

The distance traveled by the Mirny and Vostok boats was 100,000 km.

The expedition members managed to accomplish what was previously considered impossible.
After all, in 1775 a famous seafarerJames Cook, who could not break through the ice (he stopped about two hundred kilometers from Antarctica), wrote in his diaries that no one could move south beyond him.

Landings on the coast of Antarctica, the Russian expedition did not produce, and this is one of the reasons for disputes about the discovery of the continent.

The expedition of Lazarev and Bellingshausen lasted slightly more than two years (751 days), and the path traveled by them was equal to two round-the-world voyages.

The discovery of Antarctica: conjectures and assumptions

The version of the existence of the continent itself expressedStill in the second century of our era the ancient Greek geographer and astronomer Ptolemy. However, his assumptions over many centuries have not been confirmed by scientific facts.
In the early sixteenth century, the Portuguese ledFrom Amerigo Vespucci reached the island of South Georgia, but returned because of the extreme cold that none of the flotilla members could tolerate. In 1775, James Cook went deep into the Atlantic waters, but he could not break through the cold and ice close to the mainland, and he too had to retreat. Although he was confident in the existence of Antarctica.

Who first stepped on the ground, he opened

Recently, the adoption has become popularThat the earth is not open until the foot of a man has set foot on it. Hence, another date for the "discovery" of the sixth continent was January 23, 1895, when the Norwegians Christensen (captain of the Antarctic vessel) and Carlsen Borchgrevink (science teacher) reached the Antarctic coast and landed on its land.
Their expeditions managed to get samples of minerals andTo describe the aurora borealis. A few years later Borchgrevink returned to Antarctica, but already as an expedition leader on a ship called the Southern Cross.

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