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Who created Yandex

Who created Yandex

The famous Russian search engine "Yandex" does not stop from time to time to surprise users with their innovations. Opening the new services, the system significantly improves people's lives.

Now it seems that every step "Yandex" team is easy, but how it all began?


In 1986 Arkady Volozh, yet unknown world, graduated and received a diploma from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. Especially young professional interested in the question of processing large amounts of data, so after graduation he continued his studies while working at the Institute of Control. This institution belongs to the higher scientific institutions of the USSR - the Academy of Sciences.
Later fate was such that Arkady VolozhI had a chance to meet with the American student who came for an internship on the exchange. The student's name was Robert Stabblbayn, he gave English lessons to the future founder of "Yandex". Interests clash between scientists and students, and in 1989 they founded the company together CompTek International.

The prototype of "Yandex"

Sales of computers andaccompanying equipment. Business gradually flourished, and Arkady Volozh not lost interest in the solution of problems in the processing of large volumes of information. He was interested in the question of creation of such a program, which could find the information, based on the rules of the Russian language. He continued to work at the institute, and here he met his second associate - Arcadia Borkowski. The meeting was marked by the creation of "Arcadia", which is closely was related to the subject of study. The company has managed to create the first "search and information 'system, which classified the invention. Most importantly, the product weighed only 10 MB! This indicated that the scientists were able to incredibly reduce code and get excellent results. This program, and the first step to the creation of "Yandex".

Official birth

In 1993 it was decided to merge the two companies. By Volozh joined his high school friend, has been programming, Ilya Segalovich. It benefited, and a few months later, a new application that became known as Yandex. The program is able to search for information on your computer's hard drive. An extension of the program is the dictionary, which takes into account the rules of the Russian language. In 1997, the organization had been purchased with the server hard drives and indexed all the information on the Internet. This was the official birth of "Yandex" search engine.

What does the name "Yandex"

The name comes from three words, that isIlya Segalovich considered, at that time clearly characterize the essence of the new application. Yet another indexer, ie "Another indexer". This means that the original name exist in English. Much later, "Yandex" has acquired the kind of logo, which is used to monitor users. Even this step was gradual. First, the founder has replaced only the first letter. The name was written as "Yandex".

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