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Who are the Pechenegs

Who are the Pechenegs

Ancient Russia are often subjected to the invasion of nomadic tribes and unions of Asia.

One of these was the Pechenegs - the trans-Volga tribes united the descendants of Turkic peoples and Sarmatian and Finno-Ugric tribes.

Device life Pechenegs

It is believed that the Pechenegs came out Kangui (Khorezm). These people represented a mix of Caucasian and Mongoloid races. Pechenegs language belongs to the Turkic group of languages. There are two branches of tribes, each of which consisted of 40 genera. One of the branches - West - located in the basin of the Dnieper and the Volga, and the other - East - coexisted with Russia and Bulgaria. Pechenegi engaged in cattle breeding, led a nomadic life. The head of the tribe was a great prince, kind - less Prince. Selection of the princes carried out by tribal or tribal assembly. Basically, the power transmitted by association.

History Pecheneg tribes

It is known that initially traveled Pechenegsin Central Asia. While Torquay, Polovtsy and Pechenegs belonged to the same people. Blog posts about this can be found both in Russian and Arabic, Byzantine and even some Western chroniclers. Pechenegi made regular inroads into the disparate nations of Europe, capturing prisoners, which is either sold into slavery or return home for a ransom. Some of the prisoners became part of the people. Then Petchenegs began to move from Asia to Europe. After taking the Volga basin to the Urals in the 8-9 century, they were forced to flee from their territories under the onslaught of hostile tribes of the Oghuz and Khazars. In the 9th century they were able to drive away with the Hungarian nomads Volga lowlands and occupy the territory.
Pechenegs attacked Kievan Rus in 915, 920 and968, respectively, and 944 and 971 took part in the campaigns against Byzantium and Bulgaria under the leadership of the Kievan princes. Pechenegi betrayed the Russian squad, killing Svyatoslav Igorevich in 972 with the filing of the Byzantines. Since then began more than half a century of confrontation between Russia Pechenegs. It was only in 1036 Yaroslav the Wise succeeded in defeating the Pechenegs near Kiev, completed a series of endless attacks on Russian lands.
Taking advantage of the situation, Torquay attackedweakened the army of Pechenegs, to drive them from the occupied lands. They had migrated to the Balkans. In the 11-12 centuries the Pechenegs were allowed to settle on the southern borders of Kievan Rus to protect it. The Byzantines, the Pecheneg constantly trying to attract to their side in the struggle against Russia, the tribes settled in Hungary. Final assimilation Pechenegs took place at the turn of 13-14 centuries, when the Pechenegs, mingling with Torquay, Hungary, Russian, Byzantines and the Mongols, finally lost their membership and have ceased to exist as a single nation.

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