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Who are the enlightened people

Who are the enlightened people

is the concept of "enlightenment" In some religions. It refers to a deeply pious man who lived in strict accordance with the precepts of their faith, and in the end managed to reach the highest wisdom - understanding of the world, the meaning of life, and more, that is not available "ordinary" people.

In a broader sense, the term "bleaching" is interpreted differently.

On what grounds can understand that people - enlightened

An enlightened person - a person whoHe lives in harmony with the environment, keeping calm and spiritual purity in any situation. Many believe these people eccentric and even mentally ill, although it is not so.
Such people can be found anywhere: and in the city, and in a small provincial town. Initially, they are not easy to learn because they are quiet, modest, without attracting attention. But in the changed environment when inadvertently manifested the true human nature, an enlightened person will not go unnoticed.
If you started a fierce debate in his presence,heating up, enlightened person remains calm. He will not have to take part in the dispute nor act as an arbiter in deciding who is right and who is not.

In extreme cases, he quietly and politely try to appeal to the mind of opponents, to ask them to respect each other.

If everything is something frightened, angry, hekeep calm. He was not interested in the fierce competition, it does not aspire to success at any cost. An enlightened person does not participate in gossip, do not curse the person behind him, and any attempt to get him to reject such talk politely but adamantly.
An enlightened person loves silence and peacerest, so never expresses his emotions rapidly. He can appreciate jokes, humorous programs, but will not laugh out loud or noisy cheering.
Enlightened people are indifferent to materialbenefits, wealth. Their needs are very modest, while they feel completely comfortable. Such people do not get angry at others, not taking revenge for wrongs inflicted.

Therefore, they are often mistaken for a weak, spineless people. However, this is completely wrong.

As enlightened people influence others

Communication with such a person has a beneficial effectfor others, making them better. For example, if someone is very upset, concerned or angry, talk with the enlightened man can save him from the nervous tension. Attained enlightenment always polite, courteous, calm, thoughtful, and thus provides a good example for others. Especially in our time, when a constant hurry, stress and fierce competition are forcing many people to live by the rule "Man to man - the wolf."

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