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Who are such enlightened people?


Who are the enlightened people?</a>

In some religions there is the concept of "enlightenment". It refers to a deeply devout person who lived in strict accordance with the commandments of his faith and eventually managed to achieve the highest wisdom - understanding the essence of the world, the meaning of life and much more that is not available to "ordinary" people.

In a broader sense, the term "enlightenment" is treated differently.

By what signs can you understand that man is enlightened

An enlightened person is a person whoLives in harmony with the outside world, keeping calm and spiritual purity in any situation. Many people consider such people as freaks and even mentally abnormal, although this is far from the case.
Such people can be found anywhere: And in a megacity, and in a small provincial town. Initially, it is not easy to recognize them, because they behave quietly, modestly, without drawing attention to themselves. But in a changed environment, when the true human nature unwittingly manifests, the enlightened person will not go unnoticed.
If a fierce argument began in his presence,The passions are heated, the enlightened person will remain calm. He will neither take part in the dispute, nor act as arbitrator, deciding who is right and who is not.

In extreme cases, he quietly and politely try to appeal to the minds of opponents, ask them to respect each other.

If everyone around is frightened, embittered, heWill remain calm. He is not interested in fierce competition, he does not strive for success at any cost. An enlightened person does not take part in gossip, does not cuss about a person behind his back, and any attempts to drag him into such conversations rejects politely, but adamantly.
An enlightened person loves peace and quietPeace, so it never expresses its emotions violently. He can appreciate a jolly joke, humorous transfer, but he will not laugh loudly or applaud noisily.
Enlightened people are indifferent to materialGoods, wealth. Their needs are very modest, while they feel completely comfortable. Such people do not get angry at others, do not take revenge for the offense they inflicted.

Therefore, they are often mistaken for weak, spineless people. However, this is completely wrong.

How enlightened people influence others

Communication with such a person is beneficialOn other people, makes them better. If, for example, someone is very upset, anxious or embittered, talking with an enlightened person can save him from nervous tension. He who attains enlightenment is always polite, polite, calm, reasonable, and thus gives a good example to others. Especially in our time, when constant rush, stress and fierce competition make many people live according to the rule "A human being is a wolf".

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