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Who are cybergoth

Who are cybergoth

Since the 90s of the last century, around the world began to appear different subcultures, whose representatives are strikingly different from ordinary people.

Black clothes, a large number of metal jewelry (including piercings), a powerful platform shoes, tattoos - all this has become an indispensable attribute of many subcultures.

In the 90 years in addition to the Gothic, punk andmetal subcultures began to appear and the various branches of the areas of music, lifestyle and fashion. At that time there was and cyber-gothic, the flourishing of which can be safely attributed to the years 2000-2006. Of course, in Russia these subcultures emerged and developed with a considerable lag from Europe or the US, but it does not mean that the cyber-gothic in Russia has become some kind of parody of the direction of culture in the west. As creative variety of cyber-gothic acquired fingerprint features Russian, so it's a bit different from the cyber subculture in the same Europe.

Distinctive features of the subculture

Cyber ​​gothic, even if we take into account the namedirection, was the result of a merger of two subcultures - Gothic and cyber. Representatives of subcultures - cybergoth - have their own unique style, listening to certain genres of music, and have a non-standard way of thinking and philosophy. It is necessary to talk separately about these features representatives of cyber-gothic.

Cyber ​​Gothic: style

You can always find out in a crowd informalYouth cyber ready on grounds such as the outrageous clothes (miniskirts, vinyl suits, leather coats, jackets, tights or stockings in a "grid" or multi-colored stripes), hair acid colors, hairpieces as dreadlocks, symbols of the biological and radiation hazards. Cyber ​​Goths often wear jewelry, resembling chips, wires, connectors and memorable shoes (or boots is usually a very high platform, or army boots or patent leather boots).

It should be noted that it is "filling" of computers, signs for radiation and biochemical risk and have become symbols of this subculture as crosses from the usual Gothic or Iroquois punks have.

Music cyber ready

Cyber ​​goths, for the most part, listen to musicteams playing in certain styles and genres. For example, the favorite genres of music the members of this subculture are industrial, EBM, electro, darkwave, post-rock and progressive. All these genres are characterized by a predominance of electronic instruments, synthesized sounds, clear rhythm and dark atmosphere.

Interesting facts about cyber goths

Among the cyber ready widespreadsuggestions and thoughts about the imminent end of the world, the collapse of civilization, the infection most of the Earth's radiation waste and the onset of the so-called "nuclear winter". Some cybergoth really believe in it and are prepared for the consequences of such disasters (UGC masks and appear in many members of the subculture, and passion for nuclear physics facilitates entry to the relevant departments in universities).

Most cyber ready interested in readingcharacteristic of literature, see related films. For example, the movie "The Matrix" became one of the symbols of humanity's future in the cyber ready. Among the literature, it should be noted the different post-apocalyptic works by young authors, books, hobbies S.T.A.L.K.E.R series etc.

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