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Who are the Bandera

Who are the Bandera

Some older people probably well know the word "Bandera".

But this term recently at the hearing and in young people, even distant from politics and not too well versed in the history.

So who are these Bandera, where all matter is the name?

The origin of the term "Bandera"

Bandera is called not only to veterans of the UPA -"Ukrainian Insurgent Army", but also other citizens of Ukraine who hold radical nationalist positions, often in combination with rampant Russophobia. This term is usually called supporters of ideological followers of one of the main leaders of Ukrainian nationalist - Stepan Bandera, who was born in 1909 in what is now western Ukraine (then part of Galicia, part of Austro-Hungarian Empire). After the result of the Polish-Soviet War in 1920 Galicia was incorporated into Poland, Bandera joined the underground organization of Ukrainian nationalists. He quickly came to the fore, demonstrating good organizational skills, talent and indomitable agitator, fanatical cruelty. It Bandera organized a series of terrorist attacks, including the murder of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland B. Peratskogo, for which he was sentenced to be hanged. He saved the invasion of Nazi troops in Poland in September 1939.
Freed from prison by Germans, Bandera begancooperate with their secret services. In early 1941, between him and other leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists A. Miller split as Bandera, unlike Germanophile convinced Miller was ready to accept the help of the Germans only to a certain stage. Since then, the Ukrainian nationalists have taken the side of Bandera, began to call themselves after the leader - Bandera. Until his death in Munich in 1959 at the hands of the KGB agent Bandera remained a staunch anti-Soviet and Russophobe, inspiring his supporters in the armed resistance to the Soviet power and terror.

The basis of the ideology of Bandera

The basis of ideology is extreme nationalism andwillingness to use the most radical measures against people who do not support the creation of an independent Ukrainian state. By collaborating with the Nazis during World War II, and then until the beginning of the 50s, leading an armed struggle against Soviet power, Bandera resorted to the most brutal terror against civilians - Russian, Ukrainians, Poles and Jews. For example, it is Bandera, who served in the 118th police battalion guarding, destroyed the notorious Belarusian village Khatyn together with all residents. Therefore, it is regrettable and conviction that modern fans of Bandera, do not settle with the facts nor with common sense, trying to whitewash him and Bandera, calling them freedom fighters for Ukraine.

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