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Who are the audiophiles

Audiophiles sometimes find unique records

The music is loved by many.

However, there are people who like it more than others, and they are ready to not only listen to works written in different genres, but also well versed in the intricacies of a particular direction.

They are most often referred to as music lovers.

Where did the word?

The word "music fan" came into Russian fromGreek. "Melos" means "music", but "man" - this is the Slavic root. If you add the two roots together, it turns out that a music lover - a man, which attracts music. The concept of this came in the Russian language relatively recently, when the first recording, and accordingly, the opportunity to collect them. Initially called the music lovers just passionate collectors of gramophone and vinyl records, tapes and cassettes.

Is every music lover - a music lover?

People who are hardly removed from the earsheadphones are quite common. However, not all of them can be considered music fans. For some, music is just background, they need a certain level of noise. Without it, they do not feel at ease. Most of these fans are not the background will distinguish one group from another, they do not care what is written in their player. For the music they are indifferent, so music lovers and are not.

I do omnivorous music fan?

Audiophiles, like other people, something muchenthusiastic, not omnivores. Among them are generalists, equally well versed in the classics and trends of "heavy metal". But most of all a music lover prefers one or several areas - for example, classical and folk music, classical music and rock of the last century, folk and metal. There are fans of one style, who know about it absolutely everything and only have a general idea about the other directions.

Is it good to be a music lover?

Any strong passion has its positiveand negative sides. I listen to anything-rounder easy to converge with people and any company is welcome, as is well versed in musical directions. Collections true audiophiles help manufacturers create a series of disks - for example, in Soviet times for large series of records of Vladimir Vysotsky was used collection of known Leningrad collector M. Krzhanovskogo.
Audiophiles take part in radio programs dedicated tothe history of a musical direction. Interesting collection of records can become the basis for the museum. However, it also happens that a man fascinated by the music much, just do not see anything else. His whole life is limited to finding records that sometimes turns into a monoid. This may eventually pass, but may remain for life. To cure a person from this is impossible, especially if he is an adult. Teen can try to show that in the world there are many interesting things that would make his life more pleasant, but it can not hurt passion for music.

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