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In the world the word of an applicant means a person who complete their studies in secondary education. In Soviet times, and then the post-Soviet space is the word got different meaning.

Now entrant who enters the school.

And is there a difference?

In fact, a person who is already on the verge ofRelease of high school and plans to continue their education in college, secondary special or higher education institution may be called by the applicant. That is, the applicant becomes a student in the transition between school and the following schools. However, not everyone is going to continue graduate studies.
Therefore, Russian entrants only calledthe secondary school graduates who want to learn more and submit documents in a college, technical school or university, take examinations, awaiting a decision on admission and are preparing to become a student.

What do the dictionaries?

In the Great Soviet Encyclopedia 1949 is given meaning to the word entrant as "graduated from high school."
Dictionary of foreign words Leonid RatHe argues that the applicant is a word derived from the Latin and means abituriens pupil in secondary educational institution that is going to go and deliver the final. If literally - "the one who is going to leave."
The Great Dictionary of Vladimir Chernyshevyou can see that active and ambitious young people who aspire to go to college (determines the future profession, to prepare and deliver the entrance exams) and have entrants. That is, it is such a "Seasonal" category of young people, which determines its future life path.
During this period, newspapers, magazines, radio andTV produced professionally oriented information that raises issues zhizneopredeleniya. For students preparing special handbooks and manuals of the "100 best works", "How to successfully pass the entrance exams", "Handbook entrant", etc.
Compared to previous years, when the choiceyouth affected parents and entourage, is now the determining factor is the cost of education in a particular school and the possibility of earning extra money while studying. This trend has arisen in connection with the introduction of higher educational institutions of the country departments of the advertising business, and where the opportunity presents itself.
In the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary 1985 are just two values ​​entrant word. One of them is that in most countries, this person - graduated from high school, and the other that it was the USSR - a person entering the school.

What is the conclusion?

Based on the foregoing, it can bethe conclusion that the word entrant in Russia has its own life, it was "Russified" and is not a graduate, and one who had applied for further training in any institution. In short, today entrant - a prospective student. If it is, of course, to successfully pass the entrance exams.

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