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Who are the mermaids and sirens

Who are the mermaids and sirens

In the world of long, there are many myths andlegends about mermaids and sirens, which sailors met in their long voyages. These beings endowed with magical powers of the negative properties, it ranked as the kidnapping of sailors and luring ships onto the reefs, where they expected an imminent death.

So whom do people call mermaids and sirens, are these mythical creatures exist in reality?

Secrets of the sea depths

Almost all people know about the history ofpoluzhenschina-poluryba that inhabit the seas and oceans. These insidious creatures lured sailors with their beauty and magical singing on the seabed, depriving them of mind and life. The ancient historians and naturalists thought about the probability of the existence of mermaids and sirens - were they a myth or a small but reasonable branch of evolution? According to eyewitnesses, the network sailors sometimes caught strange creatures who have the bare skin, flat tail and short front flippers that resemble hands.

For the first time enchanting mermaids and sirens were mentioned in the chronicles of ancient Babylon, which also describes the newts - the male version of a mermaid.

The ancient Babylonians worshiped mightysun god Oannes, who was half fish. In the 30's French explorers in West Africa found in its territory ancient tribe - the Dogon. The Dogon have managed a few thousand years to live in complete isolation from civilization, while possessing a stunningly accurate knowledge of astronomy. Dogonskie priests claimed that this knowledge gave them space aliens amphibian, one of which was Oannes.

Legends about mermaids and sirens

In the rocky coast of Scotland has a smallIsland. It is completely covered with small pebbles gray-green color, which locals call the "mermaid tears". According to legend, a mermaid fell in love with a young monk from the monastery of St. Jonah. The monk taught her prayers, and love began to beg God for the soul of a mermaid, so she could leave the sea and become a man. However, God does not answer their prayers, and the mermaid had to return to the sea, where she periodically returned, lamenting his love on the island.

Against the background of the myths about mermaids, this legend of the 16th century is unique - because, unlike the tales of bloodthirsty sea beauties, it tells the story of love.

Almost all the legends and parables sirenmermaid presented cunning seductive creatures that drawn by a desire to lure in their networks more sailors and ruin their souls. Seafarers considered a bad sign even a mermaid, a glimpse on the horizon - they believed that after their ship certainly doomed to crash. In Slavic folklore mermaids called soul girls who drowned of unrequited love, and after his death began to take revenge on all men, luring them into the river.

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