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Who are Ligers

Who are Ligers

In light of the many unusual animals. To the category of those can be attributed, and surprising the animal, which is called a liger.

Let the strangeness of its name does not scare you, because it is very interesting history.

There are two varieties of this animal: a liger (lion and tiger) - a young lion and a tigress and tigon (Tiger and Leon, or otherwise lion) - a tiger and a lioness.

Lions and tigers are not found in nature. The first live in the savannas of Africa, the second - in the jungles of India and the Far East. However, in zoos due to lack of space the animals still kids put in the same cage. The young grow up together, eat from the same bowl, but when they become adults, they are born kittens, which would never happen in the wild. That's why it affects the offspring. It turns out to bring in one or two pairs of about a hundred, and the cub more like my dad. Hence two subtypes and their corresponding names.

Ligers are more common than tigony. They have golden fur with fuzzy stripes on the sides and back, and there are spots on the abdomen. In Leagrove male mane can grow back, but not as thick as that of his father, and it does not always happen. From tigress gets them the ability to swim, and they growl still in the lion. Ligers are considered to be the largest cats in the world. Unlike females, males are sterile, so that this type of plant is not possible.

Tigony extremely rare. On Earth, there are only a few individuals. Tigers are rarely associated with the lionesses. Apparently, bad recognize their mating behavior. Tigony often born prematurely and die. Although they are rare animals, the attention they attract less than Ligon, because they are not as large as their cat and cousins. But the resemblance is. They have an orange tint, and they also have stripes and spots. Individuals males are sparse mane. Tigony emit a roar, which can be recognized and the lion and tiger sounds. The males do not produce offspring, but females are able to breed like lions and tigers.

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