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Who are-drops, and why should not they get

Who are-drops, and why should not they get

Drop - people used to commit an illegal act as figureheads.

Often you can find these offers on various forums, message boards.

The whole point is to drop commissionany illegal actions on their behalf. This person does not know what will happen exactly. Everything is done by fraudsters who you gave some privileges to perform operations.

What used-drops

First-drops are necessary for registration of credit and other loans, ie the scammer receives the money and disappears, and all claims itself to, to whom it was executed.
Secondly, the need-drops in the order inonline stores for payments with bank cards stolen. In this case, the address of the person ordered some things, which later passed to the organizers fraud.
Drop are often used to conduct somelarge cash transactions for washing and divert attention from the organizer. This at first glance may seem the safest option, since you can always blame everything on the fact that access has been obtained illegally. The simplest example is to transfer the SIM card to a stranger.

Why you should not become mules?

Usually a person does not know what he will get some amount of money and without question sends some data about yourself or committing actions pleasing to the person concerned.
It is known that with the findingsattackers will do, but most likely, it will be illegal acts, if they are not carried out on personal data. The consequences can be very different, but most often you will start to be interested in either the police or tax.
Participation in these machinations will not make you money, because you just pay for some action, but will not give a percentage that is even worse, because you'll be an accomplice.
Most often the victims are selected either very naive or with financial difficulties. Remember that any strange proposal will bring more problems than prosperity.
In no case can not send theirphotos with a passport as proof of anything. It is not recommended to provide a copy of the passport, rights, insurance policies and other documents. You can not be registered in some financial systems, opening bank accounts and transfer the card to third parties.
Prove that you are not committed actions and dataThey were transferred, and stolen, is extremely difficult. Russian legislation does not always ready to help those affected, and not adapted to all kinds of situations involving fraud.

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