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Who are Christina and Danja Good-natured

Children love the most sincere

Many Internet users are familiar with Cristina Danya and good-natured.

A pair of lovers teen gives an example of how to develop a real relationship between a man and a woman.

Love story

During the development of relations between Christina and Danyawatch thousands of fans from around the world. At the moment, young people 15 years of age. Their story began in early childhood. Danya and Christina met on the playground. When he was 7 years old, we went to school together. Stage serious relationship began at the age of thirteen. For several years the couple talks about their relationships, spreads in social networks joint photo. The boys try their hand at acting activities, participate in youth movements, compose and sing ballads about love. After high school lovers get together to go to university. How touching poems Danya dedicated to his beloved Christine. Sincere feelings have led to the popularity of teenagers.

Christina and Danya always appear in public together, participate in various events and shows. Fans watching with interest the development of their relations.

Daniel and Christine are registered in one of the"VKontakte" the most popular social networks. Under "marital status" Christine stated that she is married to a good-natured Danya. Every day, a girl puts on your page, new photos, which capture moments of joint leisure children. Hot couple - a frequent visitor photo shoots, fashion shows, TV shows, because the theme of love between Romeo and Juliet Russian quite relevant. Guys jointly recorded his debut song "Love is stronger" and removed the clip. You can see pictures of lovers from the date of birth of Christina and her concerts.

The guys in the social network of thousands of subscribers. These are people who are interested to follow the life of a young couple, view photos and learn that Christina and Dani was new during the day. Guys spread the video sharing recreation, meetings, gatherings and parties. The good-natured Daniel was born December 25, 1997, and Christina - January 21, 1998. Boy is engaged in the Korean martial arts - taekwondo, physically developed, able to stand up for his lady love. Christina - a diligent student of the school, sings well and dances very well.

people's opinions

Fans believe Danya very nice and versatile boy. It monitors your style, frequently changes hairstyles.

It is believed that all this love - Brokenfiction and public relations for the guys, and they fall to one another brother and sister. Proof - resemblance teenagers. Perhaps the parents are directly related to the development of the popularity and demand for children. People's love and admiration can help children in the future. They are engaged in creative activities: concerts are singing. And it is very important to be recognized for the actor and singer, it is important to have a history that will be remembered for the people. couples Fans firmly believe in the fact that the guys serious and long-lasting relationships, and their feelings are mutual. Only time will put everything in its place, and the truth will open.

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