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Who are Bonnie and Clyde?


Who are Bonnie and Clyde?</a>

In the history of America there were quite a few people whose fates left a notable mark in culture, art and cinema.

At the same time, the heroes of the stories are not always positive characters, they often were representatives of the criminal world.

Among these bright figures, you can include a couple of robbers, known as Bonnie and Clyde.

The expression "Bonnie and Clyde" has long been acquiredA common nuance and used to refer to a love couple engaged in criminal activities. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow) are some of the most famous criminals in the United States, operating during the Great Depression. The history of their short life is a series of risky enterprises and tragic events, which ended in a sad and predictable manner. Bonnie Parker was born in 1910 in Texas. After the death of his father, the mother and the children moved to the suburbs of Dallas. Despite the poverty, Bonnie achieved good success in school. She loved to dress fashionably, from a young age she was notable for her imagination, propensity for improvisation and acting. At the age of fifteen, Bonnie suddenly dropped out of school and married Roy Thornton. Their relationship did not immediately develop, the gap was an inevitable solution. The separation between the spouses coincided with the beginning of the economic depression in the US, which was also reflected in the further destiny of Bonnie Parker. Clyde Barrow (nicknamed "Champion") was a year older than Bonnie and was also born in Texas. His parents were poor farmers, and Clyde, the fifth child in a large family, had early entered a dubious criminal path. At the age of 17, he was first arrested for stealing cars, then several more thefts. In 1930, Clyde and accomplices were arrested for a series of armed raids and sentenced to two years in prison. It was at this time that he met Bonnie Parker. Using the help of a friend, Clyde makes an escape from prison. The mediator in this action was Bonnie, who gave him the weapon. So the acquaintance took place. However, a few days later, Clyde was again behind bars. After his release from prison, he did not abandon the criminal profession, engaged in looting and robbery. Together with Bonnie, Clyde commits the theft of cars, to which he had a special predilection, and then they proceed to attacks on the banks. The couple, included in the list of the most dangerous criminals of the United States, was put on the wanted list in several states. In May 1934, the car of Bonnie and Clyde was ambushed by the police. As a result, both criminal heroes were killed, having received multiple bullet wounds. So ended the romantic "odyssey" Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. The history of the relations of young people and the tragic fate of this criminal duo have been reflected in several feature films and a lot of musical works by foreign and Russian performers.

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