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WHITENING facial mask of sour milk

Facial Treatments

Sour milk - a unique product, obtained by natural fermentation and comprising lactic acid, as well as many useful minerals.

It can be used not only in cooking but also in the care of the face and body.

Lactic acid has a bleaching property,moisturizes the skin and evens out the complexion, can remove wrinkles and skin irregularities. With the help of a mask of sour milk can lighten freckles and age spots. Exposure mask is softer and more gentle than bleaching with aggressive chemicals, albeit more slowly.
The composition of the mask:
- Sour milk - 50 ml-
- Oat flakes - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
Oat flakes grind and mix with sourmilk or yogurt. The resulting mixture was put on the face and close the fabric bandage. Time exposure mask - 30 minutes, after which it was necessary to cool water rinse. During the application should avoid the area around the eyes and lips.
Face mask, it is desirable to put the evening intime course of procedures to use sunscreen before going out. The skin after using the mask becomes more sensitive to the sun, without any additional protection may increase pigmentation.
To achieve early results of the maskyogurt can be applied every day for two weeks, watching the reaction of the individual organism. When the discomfort or redness of the skin discontinue use.

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