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BLEACHING face mask made from sour milk


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Sour milk is a unique product, obtained as a result of natural fermentation and containing lactic acid, and also a lot of useful microelements.

It can be used not only in cooking, but also in the care of the face and body.

Lactic acid has a whitening property,Moisturizes the skin and smooths complexion, can remove fine wrinkles and uneven skin. Using a mask with sour milk, you can lighten freckles and pigmented spots. The effect of the mask will be softer and more gentle than whitening with aggressive chemicals, although more slowly.
Mask composition:
- Sour milk - 50 ml-
- Oat flakes - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
Oat flakes to grind and mix with sourMilk or curdled milk. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and covered with a cloth bandage. The exposure time of the mask is 30 minutes, after which it must be washed off with cool water. During application, the area around the eyes and lips should be avoided.
Mask for the face is desirable to apply in the evening, inTime course of procedures to use sunscreen before going out. The skin after use of the mask becomes more sensitive to sunlight, without additional protection, the pigmentation may be intensified.
To achieve early results, a mask ofSour milk can be used every day for two weeks, monitoring the individual reaction of the body. If any discomfort or redness occurs, stop using.

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