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How to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Today, white smile is one of the hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle, beauty and well-being.

The dental clinics offer several methods of teeth whitening procedure. But this pleasure is not the cheapest, so many whiten teeth at home.

The most popular way is to carry out the procedure using hydrogen peroxide.

Preparation before teeth whitening

Method of whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide is the same procedure as hair discoloration, and is useful to health. Therefore, before using the tool is applied to minimize the damage.
To know the state of your teeth and enamel shouldgo to a consultation with the dentist. Enamel treatments with hydrogen peroxide should be sufficiently thick and strong. Also formed yellowness should be just on the surface, otherwise the methods used do not give the expected result. From the snow-white color of the teeth will have to give in the case of periodontitis diseases, tooth decay, and the eruption of wisdom teeth. Careful inspection of the seals will help in future to avoid the destruction of the entire tooth, as between them and the seal over time, cracks are formed, through which the peroxide gets inside the tooth.
From bleaching with hydrogen peroxide is recommended to give children under 16 years of age, pregnant women and patients who are crowns or braces.

How to hold the whitening procedure

teeth whitening methods using hydrogen peroxide are simple and do not require special training. For the procedure, only need a bottle of funds.
In the first method should peroxide droplets 20hydrogen mixed with 50 g of water and after brushing rinse the mouth ready solution for three minutes. When should rinse your mouth with plain water.
In the second method, take a cotton swab applied to her peroxide and wipe the teeth. After the procedure must be well brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.
In the third take a toothbrush, dropped her a few drops of hydrogen and brush their teeth.
All of these methods allow to achieve a snow-whitesmile in a short time. But do not rush things and to achieve more rapid effect, often using these procedures or undiluted solution. Once a day is enough to achieve the goal. If you do not follow these rules, you can get gum burns and damage the enamel.

cons whitening

By itself, the procedure is considered unpleasant,because of the specific taste of hydrogen peroxide. During and after the procedure may burn the gums. During the course of bleaching teeth become sensitive to hot and cold.
After bleaching should be as long as possibleto maintain the whiteness of teeth. To do this, you should drink coloring beverages (coffee, juice, tea, etc.) through a straw, use whitening toothpastes and monitor the overall condition of the teeth with.

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