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How to whiten things

How to whiten things

At all times, the hostess faced with the question of how to whiten things?

Almost all the white stuff after a few washings become grayish because fiber white fabric accumulate dust.

How to make dry white things do not become a problem?

You will need

  • Bleaching
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • "White"



The easiest way to whiten things is to add a conventional bleach in powder for machine washing. The dosage indicated on the packaging of bleach and wash temperature - on things.


The second method of bleaching - a so-called "grandmother's method of" boiling. But it is better not to boil the delicate fabrics, or these things will wear out quickly.


Another method of bleaching - using strong-smelling, but effective means White ?.

It is necessary to pour the vehicle and soak underwear onlya couple of minutes in a hot water rinse and then lowered again for five minutes in boiling water. After that you need to wash the laundry as usual. Always bear in mind that the frequent use of "whiteness" can spoil the thing.


Also things can be bleached using peroxidehydrogen. Especially good thus bleached tulle. It is necessary to dilute 5 tablespoons of ammonia in hot water and put it in tulle for half an hour. Then rinse well tulle.

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