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White doors in the interior


Those who believe that the white doors in the interiorLook boring and ordinary, modern designers prove the opposite. White-washed doors in stylish interiors look spectacular and harmonious. They allow you to place the necessary accents, add room ease, visually expand the space.

White doors in the interior

White doors are universal, because they are excellentAre combined with almost all shades of walls, ceiling, furniture. Stylistically, such doors are neutral and invisible, which allows them to be used in the design of a wide variety of rooms.

White doors harmoniously fit into the interior, withstood in such styles as Provence, high-tech, ar-deko, fusion, modern. They emphasize the style of the room and do not violate its integrity.

The main and often discussed minus of the white doors,Is that they get dirty very quickly. Most of the "get" areas near the door handle. Such doors need to be washed a little more often with dark analogs, and sometimes simple rubbing with a wet sponge is not enough. But at the same time, the dust on the white doors, unlike the dark ones, is less noticeable, so this minus is relative and may not cause much trouble if family members are accustomed to order and cleanliness.

White doors can be painted with white skirting, regardless of the color of the flooring. This is a classic combination that will suit almost any carpet, laminate and wood floor.

It is possible to do the opposite: White door "beat" a dark skirting board. Such a combination is permissible, although it is embodied much less often. Basically, this combination is used when the connection between a white door and dark furniture or window frames is necessary.

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