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Which store open

Which store open

The opening of the store - one of the best opportunities to earn money. Resale and trade - a catalyst for human development.

Opening the right people to the store can solve social problems and bring you prosperity and respect.

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The idea of ​​creating "another" clothing store or"One more" deli may not be the most successful because of its obviousness. Therefore, before the opening of outlet you must perform a market analysis. The best shop is where it is really needed. It is foolish to open the largest grocery store on the outskirts of the city. Good open stationery shop near the university. This is only a principle, we must take into consideration the competition, but the message is clear - only by solving other people's problems, making it well, you can create a profitable shop.
In addition to their ideas, you can useoffers store chains. Gift "Red Cube", the Zara clothing stores, of Sela, pharmacy network "Rainbow" is actively looking for partners who want to expand their network, using the well-known brand. Consider whether there is a need in a particular region in the famous store network. If the answer is yes, you can buy a franchise.


The well-known business wisdom - until you think aboutcompetitors, you are marking time. The best way to "fight" with competitors - the improvement of the enterprise. And yet, what do you do if your competitors are struggling with dishonest methods - a temporary reduction in prices, the destruction of your advertising, "dirty" rumors about your products? If several manufacturers conspired with one another against you, you can apply to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). The FAS experts examine your market and affect the improvement of the situation.

Evaluation of logistics

You can not create a competitive store ifnot thought through the optimal delivery system product. Added value may appear on any site, whether it's rail terminal or custom. It is also important storage resources. Shipping with Chinese factories can provide sufficient margin on each product sold, but the goods to be delivered to the Chinese border, to push through customs (at customs clearance can "get lost" between 10% and 200% of the cost).

Is there a "monopoly"?

Search a sort of "monopoly" featuresmost entrepreneurs. Only offer a unique product or service, you can make enormous profits. Monopolies have a kind of Apple, Microsoft and Google, tend to them fashion stores Zara and Lindex, the jeweler Tiffani protects their network. Legislation prevents the occurrence of natural monopolies in food, essential goods and services. But monopoly on emotions does not exist.

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