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Which stars the most famous

What are the most famous stars

The most famous among all other stars - the sun.

It may not boast the size or high temperature, but it is the center of our solar system and a source of life on Earth.

Most people are also aware of stars like Sirius, Polaris, Proxima Centauri.

The sun

In ancient times, people did not understand what kind of natureis the sun, and today the majority of pupils are aware of the fact that it is a star, not very large and bright, and just located very close to the Earth in comparison to other stars. Otherwise it has no significant differences from them: it's a huge and heavy ball of gas, in which the fusion reactions take place. As a result, it is heated to enormous temperatures and has a strong radiation, which is obliged to life on Earth. Sun consists of hydrogen, helium, and several other elements in it there are relatively small quantities of calcium, iron, neon, silicon, nitrogen.
Sun together with its planetary systemIt is on the edge of our galaxy, making revolution around its center for 200 million years. This is a relatively young star - her age is about 4.5 billion years. Yet as much time must pass so that it turned into a red giant.


Sirius - one of the most famous stars in thethe sky due to the fact that has the highest brightness (after the Sun). This is not a record for brightness, it only shines 22 times stronger than the Sun (there are much more powerful stars), but since it is located relatively close, it is the most visible in the night sky. Sirius is visible from almost any point on Earth, except for the most northern regions.
In fact, Sirius - double star: the elder of the pair is a white dwarf, and the size of the sun gives way, and the youngest, Sirius A, just visible from Earth. Age of the space object - about 230 million years.

polar Star

North Star is known because itsUse it to navigate the terrain. She is always on the northern horizon, it can be seen only in the Northern Hemisphere. It is situated in the constellation Ursa Minor, at the end of the "bucket".
Polar star - the brightest among pulsatingvariable stars. It is a supergiant and has two companion is much smaller. It is situated at 323 light-years from Earth. Its official name - Alpha Ursa Minor.

Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri is not as famous as the Polarstar or Sirius, but it also can be called a well-known, because it is closest to Earth after the sun. Proxima small in size, it is a red dwarf. It is located only 4.2 light years away from our planet. Despite this proximity, it is impossible to see with the naked eye because of the dim light.

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