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How to choose a smartphone

Modern development of communications leads to the need to choose a smartphone with an optimal set of parameters and functions.

Therefore, we need to understand how to choose a smartphone.

smartphone Brand

Strange as it may sound, but the choice of brandgradually receding into the background. Firstly, this is due to the fact that the same companies manufacture products under different brands, consequently, component suppliers differ little. Secondly, in order to get on the domestic markets as many countries as electronics, smart phones need to be certified at various levels of quality, the level of electromagnetic radiation, etc. Therefore, the concept of high-quality and low-quality brand is now blurred.

Previously, the highest quality smartphonesmade under the Nokia brand, but because of the illiterate management company has lost its leading position, giving way to such giants as Apple, HTC and Samsung.

Choosing an operating system

Today the lion's share of the market is occupiedsmartphones with Android operating system. This is due to the ease of use, great potential for improvement and low cost for manufacturers. In addition to this operating system for smartphones is now placed iOS (smartphones from Apple), Windows Phone (HTC and Nokia brands). Therefore, the consumer is free to choose the most convenient and functional smartphone.


It became commonplace presence of Todaysmartphone camera, broadband Internet access to the network, a touch screen with high resolution, etc. Efficient use of these devices is provided by newer versions of the OS, the presence of a large amount of RAM and processor speed. You can draw an analogy with a conventional personal computer - the more powerful "hardware", so it is more convenient to work with him. As a result, the consumer will be able to choose a smartphone for yourself with a set of built-in devices and their quality, which will be comfortable to work to him.

A significant component of the price of the smartphone - itcamera. The more clear pictures and videos it does, the higher the price of the device. Therefore, if the buyer is not enthusiast, he can pick up a budget smartphone.

Be always in touch

Many smartphones there is a preseta set of programs to significantly expand its functionality - access to the Internet, watching videos, edit text files, reading books, navigation, etc. The wider this set, the easier and more enjoyable to operate this smartphone. But at the same time, some software is worth the money that has an impact on the cost of the smartphone. The largest number of programs sewn with HTC and Lenovo smartphones.


Many smart phones, to be moreattractive to buyers, supplied with metal parts. It's not just a design decision, but also a way to significantly harden the construction unit. He will be able to withstand fairly harsh operating conditions and solve user tasks more safely and confidently.

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