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Which sites you can search for a job

Which site you can look for a job

Job Search - a burning issue at all times.

Whereas previously the main source of information about vacancies were newspapers and employment offices, but today everything can be found on the Internet.

The largest site for job search

There are several sites that collectedthe vast majority of resumes and vacancies in Russia and the CIS countries. They can even find a job abroad for Russian specialists. These are the best sites for job search.
Headhunters, hh.ru - site of the largest job search. You can leave this site your resume, portfolio post, various certificates and test results, tell us about yourself. On this website you can find a job in various fields. The largest database of vacancies in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
SuperDzhob, superjob.ru - another great site with a large database of vacancies. Here there are industrial and creative job offers. this and the previous site interface is quite different, but easy to understand. Recruiters say that on this website, you can often find a more qualified than on other sites.
Jobe py, job.ru - another giant in the field of public employment. Jobs are well sorted, which can facilitate the job search. First, they are divided into sectors of activity, and then sorted according to professions.
Jobs py, rabota.ru - also very popular site. It differs in that here, in comparison with the previous three, to a greater extent are present not only in the job Russia and neighboring States.

Professional social networks

Age of the Internet opens up a whole newcapabilities. If you are a high-class specialist, then post your resume on the stock exchanges may not be the most solid solution. Typically, recruiters are looking for such people on professional social networks. Here are the most popular among them:
linkedin.com - an international social network, through which you can contact the personnel service nearly every major company in the world. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a highly qualified specialist, account here be very helpful. Through this site, you can log in to other exchanges to find work.
professionali.ru - this social network is only valid on the territory of Russia. Here there is not only a good base of vacancies, but also a lot of useful discussions from which you will learn many useful things.
moikrug.ru - this professional social network in Russia appeared the very first. Here and today you can find many experts, but their superiority this resource is lost. However, the profile is also useful to have here.

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