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How is the best weather website


Which weather site is the best </a>

Today the weather can be recognized at any time and atAny weather site that the Internet provides its users in a wide range. Each of these sites tries to give the most accurate forecast, but one of them is still considered the most informative and most frequently visited.

What is this site?

Popular weather websites

In the number of well-proven weatherSites includes www.meteoprog.ua, giving the forecast for 15 000 cities of the world. The site receives its data using its own high-performance computer cluster Meteoprog, which operates on the basis of the weather forecast model Weather Research and Forecasting. This model is a subsidiary of GFS, the development of which belongs to the National Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Research.
A distinctive feature of the Meteoprog site is the presentation of the forecast in the form of various amusing infographics (maps, tables, meteograms) and funny pictures.
No less popular and weather site www.gismeteo.Ru, which gives accurate forecasts since 1998. The company, which founded Gismeteo, has been creating its own meteorological data processing systems for weather forecasters since the 90s. The main product of this company is the Geoinformation System called "Meteo", from which the name of the site went. Gismeteo provides long-term forecasts based on the assessment of weather characteristics with a lead time of more than a month. Daily forecast shifts for the day ahead, which became possible due to the use of sliding display and development mode using statistical methods.

The best weather site

The most informative and the most accurateIs considered a weather site www.rp5.ru, providing a weather forecast for the next six days and supplementing it with information about the current weather. Forecasts for the site are developed by the Met Office of the UK, which transmits data on actual weather conditions through ground-based weather stations and the system for the international exchange of weather reports.
Fresh information about the weather arrives at rp5.ru eight times a day, with a frequency of three hours, ten minutes after the weather estimate weather station.
To date, the site provides accurateThe weather forecast of 500,000 localities, receiving meteorological data from 8,200 SYNOP weather stations and 4,700 METAR weather stations. On rp5.ru the information is submitted in the form of clear tables, where exact moments of time are indicated. In addition, the site provides an opportunity to access the weather archive in a particular locality, and also to recalculate all necessary parameters of weather conditions in a special section "Units of measurements".

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